G-Bot Packs Opening
G-Bots Unpacking Available from January 6th
5,000 G-Bot packs were sold during Q4 2021, each of them with one G-Bot inside.
Starting January 6th at 1 pm UTC, owners of the G-Bot Packs will be able to open them on Here's a quick guide on how to open, send and play the first G-Bot minigame on Arc8 app:
There are for types of packs: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each of them has a different distribution of probabilities for the rarity of the resulting G-Bot:
G-Bot Packs Rarity Probabilities
The rare the pack is, the higher the rarity of the resulting G-Bot. As a note, the Ultimate rarity can only be achieved through breeding G-Bots, coming up later this year.
  • Are packs open individually or do they open all at the same time?
    • You can open your packs one by one, and you can also decide to leave them unopened and come at some other time.
  • How many G-Bots are in one pack?
    • Only one.
  • Do I need tokens to open the packs?
    • Yes, you need a bit of MATIC to cover the gas fees
  • How do I disconnect many G-Bots are in one pack?
    • The only proper way of how to disconnect a wallet from a DAP is to go to your wallet extension and disconnect it manually - which will truly cut off the connection and the trust you gave us by connecting your wallet. From that on, we don’t have access.
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