Sky Lords and Dark Lords Minigame Tournaments
First G-Bot minigame on the Arc8 App
The first ever G-Bot minigames are now in the Arc8 app, and are only accessible to G-Bot owners.
Every day, players can join tournaments on the Sky Lords and Dark Lords games inside the Arc8 app, and earn $GMEE rewards.
For a quick guide on how to open, send and use your G-Bot in Arc8, click here.
  • Can I send my G-Bot Pack to Arc8?
    • No, you can only send your G-Bot to Arc8 after opening the Pack.
  • How do I send my G-Bot to Arc8?
    • Visit your inventory section on, click on your G-Bot, go to the top right menu with the three dots, click on "send", and paste your Arc8 wallet.
  • Can I play with more than one G-Bot?
    • No, only one G-Bot per tournament per account. Using multiple accounts may result in a ban.
  • Is there an entry fee for these tournaments?
    • No, the entries are free, but there's a limited amount of attempts per tournament per user.
  • Do the stats of my G-Bots impact the game?
    • Yes, you can choose which G-Bot to play with. The key stats for this game are the COP (Current Overall Power) and the HP.
  • Why is there a cooldown when sending my G-Bot to Arc8?
    • We want to ensure all users are playing fair and square and not using multiple accounts. So sending one G-Bot to another account will take time.
  • Can I connect my Metamask to Arc8?
    • Yes. Check out the tutorial here.
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