Exclusive Access
Owning a G-Bot provides players with access to certain exclusive games in Arc8 App.
The G-Bot is an entry ticket to these G-Bots games on Arc8 –– Dark Lords and Energy Wars. Each mini game features large prize pools of GMEE tokens, distributed according to the position each player reaches in a tournament. Arc8 Season 3 also sees the launch of Premium 1v1 Battles between G-Bot owners, along with Premium 1v1 Tournaments.
The first G-Bot-supporting game to arrive on Arc8 was Sky Lords (January 6th 2022). This was then morphed into Dark Lords. In this game, players must command a spaceship and fight waves of enemies, unlocking various power-ups on the way to increase their defence or attacking abilities. The attributes and rarity of the G-Bot translates into the gameplay, though player skill is what matters most in achieving a good score. The G-Bot game series will soon grow to include Energy Wars, an exciting puzzle game where players must create color combos and get power-ups to defeat enemies.

Rarity-Based Tournaments

Tournaments based on G-Bot rarity were launched in Arc8 on July 7 2022 for a trial period. Rather than taking on other G-Bots of all levels, players now fight against G-Bots of the same rarity level, allowing for fairer competition and results based more on skill. Players who own multiple G-Bots can enter any tournament for which they have a G-Bot, though only one G-Bot per tournament is allowed.

1v1 Battles

In addition to competing in tournaments, players can now compete in 1v1 G-Bot matches. As with all other games on Arc8, there is a qualification period and then players can rank up through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Both G-Bots are given identical high stats in 1v1 games, meaning the end result is purely a result of skill.
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