G-Bots offer earning rewards by staking the game character. The staking events will be limited in time, each one having different conditions, always announced ahead of time on our Social Media.
The first staking event started in Q1 2022, distributing a total of 3M $GMEE in 3 different staking missions. Soon, players will be able to take part in breeding, so only First Edition G-Bot owners (minted in 2021) will be able to benefit from these.
In staking events, a higher rarity of G-Bots can receive greater rewards thanks to their earning multipliers. These multipliers range from 1x for a common G-Bot, all the way to 100x for a Mythical one. You can stake your G-Bots at
Here's all you need to know about the first staking mission, which distributed 1M GMEE tokens during one month:

Learn how to stake a G-Bot

How to stake a G-Bot tutorial
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