Arc8 AppRanks #1 Dapp on Polygon
Arc8 App – Pre-season live, 10 games
G-Bots – Presale & public sale of 1st Edition packs, sold out in 4 minutes

H1 2022

GMEE Staking Events
Arc8 AppSeasons & Player Progression
Arc8 AppExclusive Tournaments for G-Bot owners
Arc8 AppSponsor tokens (Token Takeovers) Arc8 AppNew games
G-Bots Packs Opening, 1st, and 2nd Mini-Game
G-BotsStaking Event
G-Bots Starters introduction

H2 2022

Arc8 AppPartner NFT and token support
Arc8 AppNew games
Arc8 App – Voting v 1.0
G-Bots - OMP token launch
G-Bots GMEE/ OMP liquidity mining event

H1 2023

Arc8 App - Support of live multiplayer games
Arc8 App - Update of gaming experience
G-Bots New game #3 launch - interoperability case
G-Bots - Game updates - Energy Wars 2.0

H2 2023

Arc8 App - User progress with Arc8 NFT collection
Arc8 App - Custom arcade events (beta release)
Arc8 App - Community features
G-Bots - Gamified achievements, rewards & referrals
G-Bots – Interoperability with Open Worlds 1.0
The roadmap will be regularly updated and detailed. Last update December 2022.