Solving problems

Arc8 does not work on my phone

We support versions of Android 7.1 or later and iPhone 14.2 or later to ensure the best possible experience. If possible, update your operating system.

We continue to push updates and fixes – make sure you have the latest Arc8 app version, as well.

I lost connection to the game – what happens to my Streak?

If you are able to reconnect to the Internet, you can click try again and submit your score. However, if you cannot reconnect then you will have to exit the game. Your score will not be submitted and your Streak will end. This is done in order to prevent cheating and promote fair play – people cannot turn off their Internet to start again when their score isn't perfect.

I cannot withdraw my GMEE token

Use the withdraw button in the wallet section of Arc8 application. You can move your tokens from Arc8 Pay to your Arc8 Wallet or your own wallet. You need a minimum of 50 GMEE and your wallet has to support the Polygon Network. The fee is 5 GMEE. More information on wallets and withdrawals can be found here.

After withdrawing tokens from Arc8, I cannot see it in my wallet

When withdrawing GMEE from Arc8 Wallet, make sure you are sending it to a wallet that supports the Polygon network or switch the wallet to the Polygon network. Make sure you add custom token GAMEE on Polygon with the right contract address.

This is GMEE contract address on Polygon:

Find a full walkthrough here.

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