Token Takeovers and Partner Events

What are Token Takeovers?

Token Takeovers are events where players can earn tokens in Arc8 by entering Lucky Events sponsored by partners.

Players can also earn partner tokens by competing in the Arc8 League.

What Token Takeovers have appeared in Arc8?

Every season introduces a new range of partner tokens in Lucky Events. Prior to the introduction of Lucky Events in June 2023, the following partner tokens were given away as rewards in Arc8:

What games have been made in partnership with other brands?

We have made games in partnership with:

What other partnerships has Arc8 had?

We have had other partnerships with:

What are the upcoming Token Takeovers or Partner events?

New Token Takeovers and events are announced on the GAMEE Medium page.

Note that partner tokens can be withdrawn to the player's personal wallet in the same way as GMEE.

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