KYC Process

How long does it take?

Why do I have to undergo the KYC process?

If you withdraw over $1,000 cumulatively from Arc8 Pay Wallet, you have to undergo the KYC process to prove that you are who you say you are, and that somebody else is not using your identity. It's a quick and simple process!

How long does it take?

The verification is typically done within 3 hours following your submission of information. It is usually done automatically, assuming the photo and the ID document you provide are a good match.
If there is any suspicion or mismatch between the photo and the document, this has to be checked manually, which may result in a delay.
If there is a huge disproportion between photo and document, the process is rejected and the user has to submit it once again.

Can I provide my passport / driving licence / ID card / residency card?

The document you can use depends on which country you live in. Find your country on this page and you will see which identity documents are accepted, such as driving licences, residency cards, passports or national ID cards.
Last modified 7mo ago