Allocation & release schedule

The total supply of GMEE is 3,180,000,000 tokens, all minted at once.
GMEE token address:
GMEE supply is split in 9 main groups:
Allocation type
GMEE token amount
Release schedule
Public pre-sale
Fully distributed Q2 2021
Private sale
Partly unlocked, vesting until Q1 2025
Game Operations
Gradual issuance from Q2 2021
Strategic Sales
Partly unlocked, vesting until Q1 2025
Liquidity Pool
Gradual issuance from Q2 2021
Community Airdrop
Gradual issuance from Q2 2021
Marketing & Rewards
Gradual issuance from Q2 2021
Team & Advisors
Partly unlocked. 5 years core team vesting schedule.
Company Reserve
Locked. Reserved for future projects.
High-level release schedule for GMEE token:
The chart illustrates the maximum issuance of GMEE tokens until July 2029, while the company reserve wallet remains locked for future projects.
Initially, GMEE was acquired in pre-sale and promotional airdrop to existing users of GAMEE and traded at a decentralized exchange. GMEE is listed on multiple global exchanges, see a complete list.
It is expected that the initial issuance of GMEE will be lower than the unlock schedule. Game Operations and Marketing & Rewards will not be released until new gaming products are ready for growth and scaling.
GMEE Token collected as revenue from in-game purchases, NFTs purchases, and upgrades is stored in the company treasury.
  • The GMEE Treasury wallet: 0xB106966d026fA099F32a57F762a38f17c6C9698e
  • NFT royalties wallet: 0x9ee12ebC6962064620a8273015DF8474345d543D