Luck, Mining and Lucky Events

Luck and Lucky Events in Arc8

Luck is one of the currencies you can win or purchase in Arc8. It is used to enter Lucky Events, where you can win valuable rewards in a random draw.

How do I get Luck?

To get Luck, you can:

  • Win in Leagues (top 10%)

  • Win in Battles

  • Get it after leveling up in Season progress

  • Buy it with Coins in the shop

  • Mine it with your Beastie or Beast

How can I enter a Lucky Event?

You need a certain amount of Luck to enter the event. Each event requires a different amount, which you will be able to see in the app. As soon as you have enough Luck, you can choose to enter the event, and your Luck will be spent.

How can I boost my chances of winning in the Lucky Event?

After you have entered the event, you can double your investment, and therefore double your chances of winning.

The amount of Luck you need to boost your chances is always double your previous investment. For example, your first boost = 2x the minimum investment. Your second boost is 4x the minimum investment, and so on.

How does the Lucky Draw work?

The Lucky Draw is a random draw where one number is picked. Each “Luck” you spend is one ticket in the draw, and each ticket is assigned a hidden number. The players with the winning numbers are rewarded with the prizes, and prizes are drawn in the order of first place to last place.

All participating tickets are burnt after every draw. The registration ends at the set time, and the draw takes place one hour later.

What rewards can I get from Lucky Events?

Rewards can be:

What special Lucky Events are there?

Lucky Events are sometimes sponsored by Arc8 partners, giving you the opportunity to win unique token rewards for a limited time. Check out the Lucky Events section of the Arc8 app to see what events are coming up.

How do I mine Luck?

To mine Luck, you need to use surplus Beasties or Beasts (ones that you are not currently using to play Arc8) and put it in a mining slot. When the time is up, you can go there to claim your mined Luck to spend in Lucky Events. There are multiple mining slots, and new ones are unlocked as you level up in Season Progress. The higher the level, the more Luck you can mine.

There is also a streak bonus – allows your Beastie or Beast to mine Luck in consecutive mining sessions and you will get even more Luck in later sessions.

Beasties/Beasts have different Luck Multipliers ranging from 1x to 6x, meaning some will give you more Luck than others. Check this multiplier on your Beastie's stats page.

What happens if I cancel the Luck mining early?

If you cancel the Luck mining, you will get your Beastie back but you will not get any of the Luck it has mined. You can only claim the Luck if the mining session is allowed to finish.

Can I mine Luck if I only have one Beast/Beastie?

No. One Beastie (or egg) is always needed to play games in Arc8. You must therefore have two or more so that you can send at least one to mine Luck.

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