The Prizes shop

The Prizes Shop is an in-app store where you can make certain purchases to boost your experience and enjoyment of Prizes.

Where can I find the shop?

You can reach it through the shop icon in the tab bar.

What can I buy in the shop?

There are currently three things available for purchase:

  • Gems

  • Lives

  • Remove Ads: this removes adverts:

    • played between games

    • played to enter Lucky Games

    • used to double or multiply Tickets

You can choose to do it for different periods of time – just 1 day, several days, or forever. Note that ads are not removed to get extra lives in games or to get power ups.

What are gems used for?

Gems are a special currency that can be spent on a number of different things in Prizes:

  • Refreshing daily missions

  • Buying extra lives in some games

How is the payment processed?

The payment is processed by the native purchasing infrastructure of Google (Android) or Apple (iOS).

Can I make purchases as a guest player?

Yes. However, you could lose your purchase if the app crashes or you log out. Therefore, we recommend registering your account before buying something.

If you have already bought something as a guest player, you can still register to guarantee you won't lose your purchase.

Can I use money from my Prizes balance to buy items in the shop?

No. This money is only for cash rewards and can only be paid to your PayPal account.

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