Feed, evolve and then mint your own Beast NFT in Arc8

Beasts are individually unique ERC-21 NFTs on the Polygon network, which players can evolve and mint from Beasties in the Arc8 application.

Beasties are digital creatures integrated into the Arc8 gaming ecosystem, serving as both player companions and as an evolution-based gameplay element.

Overview and Utility:

  • Evolution: Every player begins their Beastie journey with an egg. By feeding it with food won in battles or purchased in the in-app shop, this egg evolves into a Beastling, then matures into a Beastie. The culmination of this evolution process is that it can be minted into a premium Beast, an ERC-21 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Polygon network. With over 10 million possible combinations of Beast parts and props, the chances are high that each Beast will be truly unique.

  • Food: Beasties enjoy a varied diet consisting of a number of food items. Each season sees the introduction of new foods, with the inaugural Beastie season featuring foods ranging from bananas and doughnuts to the most powerful of all – hamburgers. The rarity and amount of foods given influence the Beastie's evolution rate and mining abilities; rarer foods offer rarer and more influential Beast parts. The final aesthetic of your Beast NFT will be determined by what you feed it.

  • Integration with Arc8 Games: Beasties are deeply tied to Arc8 gameplay, with their growth and evolution impacted by a player's success in Arc8 games. As players climb the league rankings, win battles, and hit winning streaks, they win more (and rarer!) food, which allowes their Beasties to grow stronger and evolve.

  • Luck Mining & Rewards: Aside from the core evolution mechanic, Beasties will soon play a role in 'Luck' mining, allowing users to mine Luck with surplus Beasties. They then use this Luck to participate in 'Lucky Events' for chances to win further rewards.

A Fusion of the Web2 and Web3 Experiences

Incorporating Beasties into the Arc8 ecosystem aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 experiences. Beasties are designed to provide a familiar and fun mechanic for casual players who do not yet have experience with Web3 gaming or digital asset ownership. As these players evolve their Beasties and delve into the functionalities of minting them as NFTs, they are naturally and seamlessly introduced to the decentralized world of Web3.

Furthermore, those already attuned to the workings of Web3 get the unique opportunity to nurture and then mint their very own character as a Beast NFT, which is a fully functioning, individually unique and tradable digital asset.

For further details on how Beasties are integrated into Arc8, see the Beast FAQ.

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