Reward Packs and Piggy Bank

Information on rewards in Arc8

Reward Packs

What are Reward Packs?

Reward Packs are the prizes you earn in Arc8. There are two different kinds of Reward Pack, and the rewards in each increase as you progress with your Streak and move up to the next League.

The two types of Reward Pack are:

  • Battle Reward Packs – These are what you get for winning a battle. With each consecutive battle you win in a Streak, the rewards increase.

  • League Reward Packs – These are what you get for finishing in the top 10% of a League. These are more valuable rewards than those that you get for winning an individual battle. Also, the higher the League you are competing in, the better the rewards.

What can I get in a Reward Pack?

A Reward Pack may give you:

  • Luck (for Lucky Events)

  • Coins (for the in-app shop)

  • Energy (for extra Streak attempts)

  • Food to feed your Beasties

How can I increase the rewards I get in my Reward Pack?

To get better rewards, you can:

  • Play in a higher-ranked league

  • Win battles further into a Streak

  • Double your Battle Victory rewards a certain number of times each day by watching an ad

Piggy Bank

What is the Piggy Bank?

Your Piggy Bank is where rewards are stored during Season cooldowns. This is the short interim period when leagues are updated.

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