What are Leagues?

All Arc8 players compete in Leagues. Every player competes in at least one default League, and the Leagues are refreshed daily at 1 PM UTC.

Each day, you are matched with 99 other people from your League tier to compete against in your daily league. This means that if you are, for instance, in the Pro League, all 100 people in your daily league are also in the Pro League tier.

How does League ranking work?

Your League position is decided based on the number of trophies you have. This is the sum of all your points from your 3 best streaks that day.

How do League Rewards and Advancement work?:

The top 10% of players in a daily league get rewarded. Higher leagues have bigger rewards. Rewards are:

The top 10% of players in a League advance to the next League. The bottom 10% go down to the League below.

How does ranking work?

The top 10% of a league is determined by those who have won the most Trophies by 13:00 UTC, when the day ends. Only Trophies won as part of your three best streaks are counted.

What happens if multiple players have the same number of Trophies?

If players have the same number of trophies at the end of the day (13:00 UTC), then the higher spot is given to the player who first achieved that score.

What are the different Leagues in Arc8?

Starting with the lowest League, they are:

  • Rookie League

  • Pro League

  • Master League

  • Champion League

  • Legend League

  • Supreme League

There is also Arc8 GameFest, a limited-time web3 competition.

Can I choose which League I join?

All new players start in the lowest League. The only way to enter a higher League is to finish in the top 10% and get promoted.

The only League you can actively choose to join is the Arc8 League, which is a blockchain league with token and NFT rewards. To enter this League, you must purchase an Arc8 League Pass.

Why is there a League cooldown?

A league cooldown is a 20-minute gap at 13:00 UTC in which Energy Battles (i.e. battles fought as part of a Streak) are paused. This is done so that we can process the results and close the leagues before a new day begins.

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