In Run!, players have to guide their ghost around a maze, collecting pellets and avoiding the ghosts. The match ends when the time runs out or when a player is caught by a ghost.

Players can get points in Run! in the following ways:

  1. Collecting pellets – 1 eaten pellet is equal to 1 score point

  2. Big pellet – 10 points

  3. Each 100 pellets in a row = 500 points; 200 pellets (x2) = 1000 points; 300 pellets (x3) = 1500 points, and so on

  4. Killing enemies – The first killed enemy gives 200 points. Every other is 50 points extraplus. (Second = 250, third = 300, etc.)

  5. Time bonus – 10 points for every second survived per survived second

Multiplier – if the player collects pellets in a row, they activate the multiplier. The multiplier affects a player's score from eating pellets. Every 10th pellet increases the multiplier. Once a row of pellets is interrupted, the multiplier is reset.

The maximum multiplier is 25x.

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