Gnosis/Multi-Signature Transactions

A guide for those who hold GMEE in smart contracts (Gnosis Safe or other multi-signature wallets) on Polygon to claim GMEE on Ethereum

I have a multisig wallet. How can I claim GMEE on Ethereum?

If you hold your assets in smart contracts (such as Gnosis Safe, or other multi-signature wallets), a dedicated wallet address is required for each blockchain network, since the same address cannot be shared across chains.

To claim GMEE on Ethereum, you are therefore required to sign a message using your Polygon multisig wallet. This signed message serves as cryptographic proof of ownership and allows us to securely associate your Polygon wallet with your Ethereum address.

When we have this information, we will manually transfer GMEE to your wallet on Ethereum.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do this.


⚠️ Important: Once you have completed this process below and the message has been confirmed on the blockchain, please submit a request form here for the team to verify. Once the signature and the new address have been verified, our team will manually transfer the claimable tokens to your provided address.

  1. Prepare your message using the following template. Simply replace the example Ethereum address with your own Ethereum address. Ensure it is correct – any errors could lead to issues with the transfer.


Verifying $GMEE token claim address
Ethereum Address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  1. Now translate your message into hexadecimal. Use a text-to-hexadecimal tool such as this one to convert your message to hexadecimal.

  1. Add the prefix “0x” (zero-x) to your hexadecimal message. In the above example, 5665726 becomes 0x5665726. You will need this hexadecimal text in Step 6.

  2. Connect your wallet to the same Polygon Gnosis multisig wallet that holds your GMEE tokens.

  3. Open the Transaction Builder.

  1. Construct the transaction.

  • Ensure that Custom data is selected as on.

  • Enter Address and To Address. These addresses can be the same.

  • Enter the MATIC value for the transaction. We strongly recommend that you set this to 0. If a non-zero value is selected and the transaction is executed, that amount of MATIC will be sent from your multisig wallet. This could result in you losing your MATIC, especially if you have set the address to an address that is not your own.

  • Paste your hexadecimal message into the Data field. Make sure you have added the 0x prefix as detailed in Step 3.

  • When ready, click Create Batch.

  1. Before sending the batch, click Simulate to run a sanity check. This checks that there are no issues with the data you have entered. If you see the Success message in the bottom field, then there are no issues. If the simulation was a success, click Send Batch.

  1. Next, make sure “Yes, execute” is ticked, and then click Execute.

  1. Gather Signatures and execute the transaction. Other signers can review the transaction details before signing and executing the transaction. The message data can be decoded and checked before execution using a hexadecimal to text tool. Make sure to remove the 0x prefix before pasting the hexadecimal message into the tool.

  2. Copy the transaction hash and send it to our team via this form.

I have encountered a problem or issue – who can I ask for help?

Please get in touch with our Support team, who will be happy to help you.

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