Battles and Streaks


What Battle modes are available in Arc8?

Arc8 Battles take place against another player in ghost multiplayer (or live multiplayer in Disc-O Mania, Neon Pool and Cranky Monkey). This means that you are assigned an opponent with a similar skill level who has recently played, and the objective is to beat the score they set – just like in an arcade. There are two Battle modes:

  • League Battles These are competitive battles as part of a Streak, and form the bulk of your experience in Arc8. They offer rewards in the form of Reward Packs (containing Luck, coins, food, or batteries) and reward you with trophies. You get more trophies for each consecutive battle win in a Streak. Trophies determine your League position. A top 10% finishing position in the League rewards you with a special reward pack and promotion to the League above.

  • Training Battles These battles do not reward trophies or affect your ranking, and they are not part of a Streak. They only occur during short League cooldown periods (13:00 UTC). Rewards from Training Battles are the equivalent of the first victory in a Streak in your current League. They are stored in the Piggy Bank, which you can break to collect the rewards.

What can I use my rewards for?

Take a look at our Currencies and Items page to see what you can do with your rewards.

How does matchmaking work?

Players are matched to fight a battle against another player in their League, or a parallel league of the same rank (eg. you are both in the "Pro League" but not in the same 100-player group for that day. Since the top 10% of players are promoted to the next league, and the bottom 10% of players are demoted to the league below, you will always get to play against people with a similar skill level.

In some games, you play live multiplayer. For instance, in Cranky Monkey, Disc-O Mania and 8-Ball Pool. However, in other games, matchmaking is not simultaneous; you are not playing in real-time multiplayer. You will be matched via our database with somebody of a similar level who has already played a game, and who has a similar MMR to you in that game (i.e. someone with a similar skill level). Multiple players can be matched with the same game from our database. To ensure fairness, the game that your opponent played will have the same seed as yours. This means they will have had the exact same cards as you in Pirate Solitaire, for instance, or the exact same obstacles in another game. You will never be matched to the same game more than once.

If there is no suitable game available in the database, you will be matched with a bot. However, as more games are played and stored in the database, there will eventually be enough games to make the bot redundant.

Why have I been matched with a player who is much better than me?

You are always matched with a player with a similar skill level to you (ie. competing in the same league level), but occasionally you will encounter a player who is on a streak of success (or otherwise) and they haven't yet reached the high league they will ultimately get to.

This is especially true when playing in the Rookie League, as you may play against another new player who is very good but hasn't yet played enough games to take him/her to a higher league.


What are streaks?

Streaks are a series of consecutive battle wins. Your goal in Arc8 is to get the longest possible winning Streak three times a day. Each Streak attempt costs 1 Energy Bolt, which is used up when you lose a battle, or when you have reached the longest possible Streak.

What is the longest possible Streak?

At present, the longest Streak is 12, although this may change as we experiment to find the ideal length. Your Energy Bolt is burned after you complete a streak (or lose a game), and if your Beastie has more default Streaks left (or you have at least one Energy Bolt stored in your battery), you can attempt another Streak.

Can I save my Streaks?

Yes. You can use Coins in-app currency to save a Streak if you lose a battle.

How many Streaks can I attempt in a day?

Each Streak attempt is represented by an Energy Bolt. By default, you can attempt 3 streaks in a day (beginning at 1 PM UTC) since a Beastie starts with three Energy Bolts per day. However, if you have a Premium Pass, then your default number of daily Streaks is 4. Or, if your best Beastie has evolved to have more, you may have as many as 8 default Streaks per day. You can also attempt more if you have Energy Bolts stored in your battery after buying or winning them. Default Streaks (Energy Bolts) reset each day at 1 PM UTC. Streaks (Energy Bolts) you have purchased or won will stay in your battery until you use them.

Keep in mind that if you play 4 or more Streaks in a day, only the trophies earned in your 3 best Streaks count towards your rank in the league.

What do I win for getting a successful Streak?

Each successive battle win in a Streak rewards trophies, which are essentially Daily Leaderboard points. You get more trophies for every consecutive win in a Streak. Collected trophies count towards your ranking in the League. Only trophies won in your top three streaks that day count towards your League ranking.

How many trophies do I get for each win in a Streak?

Each consecutive battle you win in a Streak rewards you with more Trophies than the previous win.

  • 1st win = 10 Trophies

  • 2nd win = 20 Trophies

  • 3rd win = 40 Trophies

  • 4th win = 70 Trophies

  • 5th win = 110 Trophies

  • 6th win = 160 Trophies

  • 7th win = 220 Trophies

  • 8th win = 290 Trophies

  • 9th win = 370 Trophies

  • 10th win = 460 Trophies

  • 11th win = 560 Trophies

  • 12th win = 670 Trophies

Can I continue playing after I’ve run out of Streaks?

Yes, possibly. To continue playing, you could switch to another Beastie that has more Energy than your current active one. For example, if your current active Beastie only has 4 Energy Bolts and you have used them all, and you have another Beastie that has 6 Energy Bolts, you can switch to it and you will have 2 more Streak attempts.

After you have exhausted your default Energy, the Energy stored in your battery will be used.

If you have no extra Energy at all, then you can purchase additional Energy or wait till the following day (13:00 UTC) to play again.

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