Cranky Monkey

Cranky Monkey is a live turn-based multiplayer game.

The goal is to match gems in combinations of 3 or more in order to get points. With the points, your monkey can attack your opponent's monkey. The winner is the player whose monkey successfully knocks down the opponent's monkey.


  • Take turns with your opponent to match gems to earn points for your monkey to attack. The winner is the last monkey standing.

  • If you match more than 3 different colors in one turn, you activate the super SMASH, which deals significant damage to your opponent.

  • Making a combination of 4 or more gems grants you an extra move.

  • Making a combination of 4 gems gives you a laser – when activated, it destroys a whole row or column.

  • Making a combination of 5 gems gives you a bomb – when activated, it destroys a 3x3 block

  • You can use the hammer to remove one specific element from the board

  • Collect green gems – once you have filled the bar below the monkey, you will get a special power.

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