Currencies and Items

What currencies are found in Arc8?

There are five currencies available in Arc8, each of which can be used in different ways. These are:

What items are used in Arc8?

At present, there are four usable items. These are:

What are the currencies and items used for? Where can I get them?



Where is the shop?

There are two shops, and which shop to use depends on what you need.

In-App Shop

This shop is found by clicking on the shop icon on the main screen. To buy things here, you can use coins, gems or real currency You can buy:

Web Shop

The web shop is found here on our website. To buy things here, you need GMEE, which you can get on a number of exchanges. Click here to find out more. In the web shop, you can buy:

What foods are available this Season to feed my Beastie?

Take a look at the Beastie page for a list of current foods and their rarities.

What is GMEE?

GMEE is a blockchain token used as the currency of access for certain features in Arc8. With GMEE, you can purchase an Arc8 League Pass or Premium Pass here on the web shop. For more detailed information and links on where to get GMEE, click here.

What is Loot?

Loot is a reward given in GAMEE's Phoenix Protocol. Find out more here.

Can I exchange my coins for GMEE?

No. Coins cannot be exchanged, traded or sent elsewhere. They can only be used in the shop to purchase Gems, Luck, and Energy Bolts.

What do I get with a Premium Pass?

Take a look at our FAQ pages for more information on what this pass offers and where to get one.

When will my Energy Bolts reset?

Every day at 1 PM UTC, your Energy Bolts (used to play Streaks) will reset. You will always find the default ones in your inventory (in the middle of the main play screen). Any that you bought or won are stored in your battery and do not reset.

What will I get in my Reward Pack?

Take a look at our FAQ page on Reward Packs here.

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