Cool Cats Combinations

How to play Cool Cats Combinations in Arc8

Game Principles

The basic principle of the game is to merge numbered tiles with tiles of the same number, which gives points. The goal is get the highest score you can before the game ends.

Scoring points

If the player connects three tiles of the same number (where the hexagonal tiles are connected by at least one side), they are merged sequentially into a new tile with a higher number. For instance, merge three tiles numbered ‘3’ and they will become a single tile numbered ‘4’. Each merge grants you points!

The highest numbered tile is 7, which is marked with a picture of a Cool Cat’s head! Merge three number 7 tiles and they will explode and remove all the tiles around them!

You can also play a combo merge, where placing a tile creates more than one merge and gives even more points!


You can get a power-up by placing tiles on the board — the first one is gained after 9 tiles have been placed.

The next power-ups come every time you add another 3 tiles, which fills the bar. Keep in mind that placing a piece with 2 tiles will add +2 to the bar, and placing a piece with just one tile will only count +1 to the bar.

Let’s take a look at what power-ups are available:

  • The Hammer: Destroy a tile of your choosing with the hammer. You can destroy one that’s already on the board, or even a tile that hasn’t been placed yet

  • The Rise-Up: Increase by 1 the number of a tile that’s already on the board

  • The Joker: Transforms your tile piece into a wildcard that can be used to match any number

Game Endings

The game can end in two possible ways:

  • Time’s up! — The ideal ending! The time limit has been reached and the game automatically ends

  • Game over! — Oops. There are no more possible moves or power-ups that can help you

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