Karate Kido

Scoring system for Karate Kido on Arc8

Game principles

The principle of the game is simple. You control a karate master chopping down a pole. Every punch destroys a part of the wooden pole. You need to be careful to avoid the wooden sticks. If your character is hit by a stick, it's game over! There is also a timer for the gameplay, and each punch adds more time to it. Playing too slowly means you can run out of time. During the game, you can gain power-ups, depicted as lamps.


  • Time Freeze – freeze the timer for a short time

  • God Mode – activate a mode where the character automatically punches, quickly and without mistakes

  • Extra Time – refill the timer

  • Double Score – double your points for a short time

Score system

  • You gain 10 score points for each punch.

  • If the Double Score power-up is active, it's 20 points per punch.

  • Special blocks can also change the score.

Special blocks

  • Ice – punch twice to destroy it, but gain only 10 pts

  • 2x – punch twice to destroy it and gain 20 pts

  • 3x – punch three times to destroy it and gain 30 pts

Possible ends of the game

  • Game Over – the character was hit by a stick

  • Times Up – the timer ran out of time

  • Success – the player survived until the end

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