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How can I add friends to my team in Prizes?

Go to your profile and click Invite, then click Share invite link. You can copy the invite link, or share it directly on WhatsApp, Discord, social media etc. Your friends have to register a new account via your referral link.

You will be able to see them and get your rewards after:

  • they have reached Level 8

  • they have verified their email address

How much money and how many Tickets will I earn for referring a friend?

You can find out how much money and how many Tickets you will get by going to your profile. To get there, simply click your profile picture in the top right corner of the Prizes app. The Invite section will show you your rewards.

If it doesn't work then simply try sending it via a different channel (eg. via a different social media, email, WhatsApp, etc.)

Who is Idle Ticket Miner?

Idle Ticket Miner is your first friend in Prizes! He’ll gift you tickets every day.

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