Arc8 League

What is the Arc8 League?

The Arc8 League was a special competitive league in Arc8 from July 11 – August 11. It was web3 dApp league, which means that it is on the blockchain and offered rewards in cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs.

The second iteration of this League is the Arc8 GameFest, running from November 16th – 30th.

Who got whitelisted for the Arc8 League Pass for Season 0?

The following groups were offered whitelist spots:

  • G-Bot holders (via Discord)

  • Arc8 players (via Discord and email invitation)

  • BoomLand

  • Polygon Gaming

  • REVV Racing

  • Crazy Defense Heroes

What was the prize pool for Season 0?

The prize pool was made up of tokens and NFTs totaling $18,000 in value. Some rewards were given for skill, while some were much easier to acquire and simply taking part in a single game or holding the Arc8 League Pass was enough to qualify.

The rewards:


  • $3,333 in USDT supplied by GAMEE

  • $3,333 in GMEE supplied by GAMEE

  • $3,333 in MATIC


  • 555 MATIC-themed G-Bot Starters

  • 555 Planet IX Starter Packs:

  • 20 BoomLand Genesis Chests

  • 10 x Planet IX Avatar NFTs

  • 1 Moca NFT

Why was Season 0 labeled a "trial season"?

Since the Arc8 League was a new feature on Arc8, we wanted to begin with a season where we could test various dynamics in order to deliver the perfect season with Arc8 GameFest.

Who were the partners for Arc8 League Season 0?

The partners for Season 0 were:

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