Arc8 League

Everything you need to know about the new Arc8 League. Last updated: July 21, 2023].
The Arc8 League

What is the Arc8 League?

The Arc8 League is a special competitive league in Arc8. It is web3 dApp league, which means that it is on the blockchain and offers rewards in cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs. Although you play in the Arc8 application, all the details concerning this league (such as leaderboards, prize pools, and so on) are to be found on The first Arc8 League will take place in Arc8 League Season 0, from July 11 – August 11. The reason it is called Season 0 is that it is a trial season where the rewards (tokens and NFTs) are 100% guaranteed but where we may test different dynamics, such as the number of players in each group.

How does competition in Arc8 work?

Leagues: The main premise of Arc8 is that you play 1v1 battles in various games against similarly matched opponents. All players compete in a regular web2 league, and can be promoted or demoted in that league depending on their performance in a Daily Round. Higher leagues offer better rewards.
If you have an Arc8 League Pass, you will play in the Arc8 League and in a regular web2 league against other players, who may or may not have a League Pass. There is no promotion or demotion in the Arc8 League. The players you play against each day (max. 100 people) are randomly selected from the pool of players in your league tier (eg. Rookie League, Master League, etc.) Streaks: For every battle you win, you will receive trophies, which count towards your League ranking in both the Arc8 League and the web2 league you are in. You get additional trophies for every consecutive win in a Streak. Read more about how Streaks and Battles work here. Ranking: All leagues are refreshed daily at 1 PM UTC, and rewards are paid out according to your position. You must finish in the top 10% of the league to win rewards. For the Arc8 League, the rewards will be in tokens (USDT, MATIC, GMEE), while for your web2 league, they will be Reward Packs.

How do I play in the Arc8 League?

To enter the Arc8 League, you first need an Arc8 League Pass, which itself is a digital asset (NFT) that you own or can resell. It can be bought only with the GMEE token.

How do I get a Season 0 League Pass?

All 555 Arc8 League Passes were sold out via on June 27. You may be able to buy one on OpenSea.
You must wait until the start of the next Daily Round to activate your Arc8 League Pass. Daily Rounds begin at 1 PM UTC.
Note that you will not be eligible to win the mystery NFT or a Planet IX Starter Pack if you buy on the secondary marketplace. Check the prize distribution further down to see what other rewards you may already have missed at the time of your purchase.

How do I get GMEE?

You can buy GMEE on a number of centralized and decentralized exchanges. Visit the GAMEE website to find out more and get links to places where you can buy GMEE.

What games can I play in the Arc8 League?

The games you play are the same as in other leagues in Arc8. Click here for the list of current Arc8 games.

Who got whitelisted for the Arc8 League Pass for Season 0?

The following groups were offered whitelist spots:
  • G-Bot holders (via Discord)
  • Arc8 players (via Discord and email invitation)
  • BoomLand
  • Polygon Gaming
  • REVV Racing
  • Crazy Defense Heroes

What is the prize pool for Season 0, and how do I win?

The prize pool is made up of tokens and NFTs totaling $18,000 in value. Some rewards are given for skill, while some are much easier to acquire and simply taking part in a single game or holding the Arc8 League Pass is enough to qualify.

The rewards:

  • $3,333 in USDT supplied by GAMEE
  • $3,333 in GMEE supplied by GAMEE
  • $3,333 in MATIC
How to win: Tokens are paid out in Daily Rounds to the top-scoring players that day. If you are in the top 10% of players in your Arc8 League group at the end of the day (13:00 UTC), you will receive tokens – every player in the top 10% gets the same number of tokens. (Note that on some days this may be the top 20% as we test different dynamics.)
Your position on the Leaderboard is determined by how many trophies you have accumulated during your three best Streaks. This means that you do not have to play every day to win. Some days will have MATIC prize pools, while others will have GMEE or USDT prize pools.
  • 555 MATIC-themed G-Bot Starters How to win: Play at least one game during the first seven days in order to win a MATIC-themed G-Bot Starter NFT.
  • 555 Planet IX Starter Packs: How to win: Mint the Arc8 League Pass and then claim your reward on the Planet IX website after July 18.
  • 20 BoomLand Genesis Chests How to win: There are two ways to win a BoomLand Genesis Chest:
    • 10 will be given in a draw to players who entered at least 10 games during the first 14 days of Season 0
    • 10 will be given to the top 10 players overall at the end of Season 0 (players who won the most trophies)
  • 10 x Planet IX Avatar NFTs How to win: Play on at least 20 separate days during Season 0 to enter the draw for one of these 10 exclusive NFTs.
  • 1 Moca NFT How to win: This Mocaverse NFT will be given away in a random draw to a player that minted and has held the Arc8 League Pass NFT for the entire duration of Season 0.

How does ranking work?

Ranking works in the same way as it does for regular leagues in Arc8. The top 10% is determined by those who have the most Trophies. In the Arc8 League, those who finish in the top 10% at 13:00 UTC are all rewarded with the same number of tokens.

What happens if multiple players have the same number of Trophies?

If players have the same number of trophies at the end of the day (13:00 UTC), then the higher spot is given to the player who started playing first that day.

Why is Season 0 a "trial season"?

Since the Arc8 League is a new feature on Arc8, we want to begin with a season where we can test various dynamics in order to deliver the perfect season with Arc8 League Season 1.
While the prize pools in Season 0 are guaranteed and the same amount of tokens will be paid out each day, there may be changes to other aspects of the League, such as the number of players in Daily Rounds, or whether it is the top 10% or top 20% that get rewarded.
Trialling these different dynamics allows us to see what works best and what players most enjoy so that Season 1 is a success. Please leave your feedback on what you liked and disliked on our Discord.

Where do my rewards get sent?

Rewards are sent to the wallet you have paired with your Arc8 account. You can check which wallet this is in the web app. There, you can also see the log of transactions and rewards that have been sent to your account.
If you have more that one wallet paired to your account, you can select which wallet you would like to receive your rewards in the web app.

Who are the partners for Season 0?

The partners for Season 0 are:

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