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Beastlings, Beasties and Beasts in Arc8

What is a Beastie?

A Beastie is a digital companion creature in Arc8. Beasties are the standard adult version before the final stage of evolution to a Beast, which can be minted as an NFT.

Beasties offer multiple in-game perks, and they will grow and evolve in different ways according to the food you give them.

What is the origin of Beasties?

Beasties appeared in the world through a wormhole machine at the Institute for Wormhole Studies, run by an eccentric scientist called Professor Crank. After they arrived, the Institute was rebranded as the Institute for the Study of Beasties.

You can read the story of how Beasties came to the world (and escaped from the lab!) here on Professor Crank's Twitter account.

What perks does my Beastie give me?

You need a Beastie (or an egg/Beastling/Beast) to play games in Arc8. As your Beastie levels up, it may get more default Energy, allowing you to attempt more Streaks each day. The maximum amount of Energy it can get is 8.

Beasties that you are not using to play games can also be used to mine Luck, and more powerful Beasties or Beasts are able to mine more. You can use this Luck to enter Lucky Events and win GMEE tokens and partner tokens.

And, if you take part in an Arc8 GameFest event, owning a Beast NFT will increase your chances of winning more tokens.

How do I get a Beastie?

Every player in Arc8 gets one egg at the start of each season, or when they first install the Arc8 application. This is the beginning of your Beastie journey. As you nurture and feed the egg, it evolves through various stages, ultimately becoming a Beast.

You can buy extra Beastie eggs in the in-app store, and if you want the fully evolved Beast NFT, you can purchase one on OpenSea.

What's the difference between an egg, a Beastling, a Beastie, and a Beast?

These are the different evolutionary stages. The journey starts with an egg, which evolves into a Beastling. With further feeding, the Beastling becomes a Beastie. Finally, skilled gameplay can get you enough food to evolve it into a Beast, which can be minted into an NFT for free.

That means it's yours to own, use in Arc8 – or even sell!

Is each Beastie unique?

Yes – most likely! Each evolution step brings more new features which increase the likelihood of your having something unique.

By the time it has reached the final stage of evolution (Level 16), there are over 100 million possible combinations, ranging from different shapes, colors, patterns, eyes, teeth, and props. The appearance is determined by what you feed it, so unless you have coincidentally fed it the exact same things as another player, you can be confident that it is the only one that looks like that.

How do I feed my Beastie?

You can feed your Beasties (or eggs and Beastlings) using food you have earned by winning battles or have bought in the in-app shop. You can also make purchases on the web shop with GMEE. Select which Beastie you want to feed and which food you want to give it. Feeding is crucial as it is the only way to grow and evolve it.

You cannot feed or evolve a Beastie from a previous Season.

What food can I give my Beastie?

In the current Arc8 Season – Mocaverse Season, the variety ranges from cosmic apples and lunar bananas to the ultimate Moca Pineapple and Mocake.. Each food has its own properties, and some foods are worth more than others, determined by their rarity. The food your Beastie eats will affect the way it looks when it becomes a Beast NFT – the rarer the food you feed it, the more chance it will have a higher rarity when you mint it.

In order from most common to the rarest, here are the foods you can give your Beastie this Season:

  • Common Foods: Cosmic Apple, Galactic Pear, Lunar Banana, White Dwarf, Neutron Star, Supernova

  • Uncommon Foods: Stellar Dog, Statum Ring, Gravity Cookie, Moondwich

  • Rare Foods: Quasushi, Cosmoburger, Milkyway Cream

  • Legendary Foods: Moca Pineapple, Mocake

Rare foods will help you to get rarer and more influential parts for your Beast as it evolves. The higher the League you are in, the higher your chances are of getting rarer foods.

What are the benefits of evolving my Beastie into a Beast (NFT)?

Evolving a Beastie into a Beast (NFT) gives you a unique, digital asset that is yours to truly own. Owning a Beast grants exclusive in-game perks, such as more powerful Luck mining. Beasts can also be traded on decentralized marketplaces, or kept as collectors' items.

How do I mint my Beast NFT?

Easy! As soon as your Beastie has evolved to its maximum level (Level 16), the option to mint it becomes available.

It is free to mint, and you only need to pair and connect your personal wallet with Arc8.

As soon as it’s ready, the newly minted Beast NFT will appear in your wallet, and you can take a look at its final form. From there, it’s up to you what to do next – keep using it in Arc8 to mine Luck and play games, keep it as part of a growing collection, or trade it on OpenSea.

What are the possible rarities of a Beast NFT?

There are 4 possible rarity levels a Beast can have, which are determined by the parts and props the Beast has, which in turn are determined by the food you have fed it. The rarity levels are:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Legendary

How does Luck Mining work?

You can use surplus Beasties (those you are not using to play Arc8) to mine Luck. For a set amount of time, your Beastie will be unavailable to use while it is mining. If you cancel the mining process early, you will not get any of the Luck it has mined.

This Luck can then be spent on Lucky Events, which give you the chance to win tokens, coins, gems, food, and more.

Can I trade or sell my Beastie or Beast?

Beasties cannot be traded or sold. Beasts, however, are NFTs and are therefore yours to own. They can be traded on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

How do I play with my newly acquired Beast NFT?

Get started with your new Beast NFT by first connecting and pairing your wallet at Then, download the app and log in with the same account details. Once logged in, you're all set to start playing, mining, or engaging in other activities with your Beast. Remember, the Beast opens the door to exclusive events and crypto rewards!

Why can I not play/mine with the Beast NFT I bought?

Don’t worry, this is only for a short time. There is a cooldown period when a Beast arrives in a new wallet, and you will be able to play on the following day.

Why can't I feed/evolve my Beastie from a previous season?

Beasties are tied to the season in which they're introduced. While they can be used to play and mine Luck in later Seasons, their evolution is bound to the season's duration. This means there is an element of gaming skill involved – players who do well in a given season will be able to evolve their Beastie to a Beast NFT.

Can I change my Beastie’s name?

Yes. However, keep in mind that your Beastie’s name is only for you to see – when you mint it into a Beast NFT, it will not have that name. Its name will be tied to the Season number and when it was minted.

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