Roadmap for the Arc8 application


2023 Arc8 Roadmap

H1 2023

Live multiplayer First turn-based live multiplayer game (Energy Wars)
New game system Casual 1v1 battles with competitive league

H2 2023

New Web3 competitive mode Launch of on-chain league with NFT pass and token rewards
User progress with NFT collection Build and mint your own NFT with game rewards
Decentralizing Arc8 Opening the platform for external partners and communities to run their own Arc8 competitions


H1 2022

GMEE Staking Events Seasons & Player Progression
Exclusive Tournaments for G-Bot owners
G-Bots Packs Opening, 1st, and 2nd Mini-Game
G-Bots Staking Event

H2 2022

New games
Arc8 Voting v 1.0


Arc8 ranks no.1 Dapp on Polygon
Arc8 Pre-season live, 10 games Presale & public sale of 1st Edition G-Bot packs, sold out in 4 minutes
The roadmap will be regularly updated and detailed.