High level product roadmap


Refining tokenomics for the upcoming cycle

Transition our #1 gaming community on Telegram to web3

Gamefest 2024: The premier web3 gaming event

Initiatives exclusively for Token Holders

Exciting partnerships in the pipeline

Unveiling new generation of games

Finalise Wat Protocol on Telegram


First turn-based live multiplayer game

New Arc8 economy - leaving P2E, launch of hybrid monetization (ads + fiat + GMEE)

Web game shop - pay in GMEE token

Arc8 x Mocaverse - first gaming event

Arc8 Beasts - Mintable user progress with Beast NFT collection

Arc8 Gamefest - web3 competitive mode - $120k rewards from 20 partners, 6500 passes sold

GAMEE on Telegram reaches 50M users


Binance Labs back GAMEE

Arc8 Seasons & Player Progression launch

Arc8 develops strong collaborations with top web3 brands:

Partner token support - events in collab with SAND, QUICK, TCP, MATIC & many others

Partner NFT support - events with Cool Cats, ATARI, Decentraland & others

Man City game goes live on Arc8, played by 1.8M people.

G-Bots Packs Opening, 1st, and 2nd Mini-Game

Exclusive Tournaments for G-Bot owners

Energy Wars game launch

Breeding, Evolution & Baby bots


Arc8 App Initial phase launch, 1M users registered in a week

Arc8 ranks no.1 Dapp on Polygon

Arc8 Pre-season live, 10 games Presale & public sale of 1st Edition G-Bot packs, sold out in 4 minutes

The roadmap will be regularly updated and detailed.

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