G-Bots are Polygon-based NFTs (using ERC-721 standard) that were launched by GAMEE in November 2021.

The first pre-sale of G-Bots Packs was introduced on November 2nd, 2021, followed by a first edition sale on January 6th, 2022. There were only 5,000 Packs within the First Edition, featuring a number of unique designs. The pre-sale sold out in 4 minutes, while the sale sold out in 10 minutes. Of the 5,000 packs sold, 4,304 were opened.

Find the official G-Bot NFT collection on Open Sea: https://opensea.io/collection/gbots-gamee

From July, 2022, GAMEE also began to create limited edition G-Bot Starters, which were themed according to partner brands or Arc8. These themes included Pirate Solitaire, Hoop Shot, Atari, Cool Cats, and Polygon.

Rarity and Classes

G-Bots (but not G-Bot Starters) come in a range of rarities and classes.

Rarity levels:


Percentage of G-Bots














There are three classes of G-Bot:

  • Warriors

  • Fighters

  • Rogues


Until August 2023, G-Bots had a range of utilities. Both regular G-Bots and G-Bot Starters granted the holder access to two exclusive games in Arc8 – Energy Wars and Dark Lords – in which players could compete in 1v1 matches and rarity-based tournaments.

  • Depending on the number of Energy Cores a G-Bot had, they could breed a set number of times with 1-4 other G-Bots to create Baby Bots

  • Baby Bots could be upgraded and then evolved into adulthood, with their rarity influenced by the rarities of the parent G-Bots

  • G-Bots could be upgraded to provide a boost to their stats


As of September, 2023, G-Bots are no longer supported in the Arc8 application, and utilities such as breeding, evolving and upgrading are no longer accessible.

We are extremely grateful to all those who bought G-Bots and participated in the many tournaments and events we ran in Arc8, and we hope you will love the next iteration of Arc8 and our upcoming NFTs even more.

More can be read about this transition here.

Below is the data from a snapshot taken at the end of August, 2023:

Spending and Rewards

  • The community spent a collective 2.25M GMEE in the pre-sale and sale of G-Bots

  • The community spent 6.4M GMEE on tournament entry fees and G-Bot utilities (breeding, upgrading and evolving)

  • GAMEE paid out a total of 10.6M GMEE, which is 1.95M more than was earned from G-Bots. We paid out 9.1M GMEE in tournament rewards, 1M GMEE in G-Bot staking, and 500K GMEE in GMEE/OMP staking.

  • Every GMEE token spent by the community was reinvested, fueling prize pools for ensuing seasons. In Seasons 1, 2, andd 3, every token was matched by GAMEE.

  • Reward distribution by season: Season 1 - 400k GMEE Season 2 - 600k GMEE Season 3 - 500k GMEE Season 4 - 600k GMEE Season 5 - 700k GMEE Season 6 - 2M GMEE Season 7 - 2M GMEE Season 8 - 1.3M GMEE Season 9 - 1M GMEE

  • GMEE from the primary sale and from G-Bot games went directly into our GMEE Treasury wallet (0xB106966d026fA099F32a57F762a38f17c6C9698e), along with the rest of the GMEE we have collected across Arc8.

  • Royalties collected from OpenSea went into our NFT Royalties wallet (0x9ee12ebC6962064620a8273015DF8474345d543D)

  • All income was matched and paid out from our Arc8 Rewards Wallet (0x64301a9b71acbfadc72e4f3405069b74494c57b1)

  • As of August 2023, G-Bot holders were granted exclusive access to the beta of Phantom Galaxies

Gameplay Data

  • There were 2,491 G-Bot players, who played a total of 1.67M gameplays of EW and DL

  • On average, a G-Bot player spent 30 hours playing our games (29 minutes daily on average)

  • 1,109 Baby Bots were born, and 892 Baby Bots were evolved into adults

  • 1675 G-Bot Starters were minted as part of partner events

  • Nobody evolved a G-Bot to the Ultimate rarity

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