Tokens are cryptocurrencies that you may win in Lucky Events or by playing in the Arc8 League. The native token of Arc8 is the GMEE token. You can use the GMEE token to make purchases on the website or to buy an Arc8 League Pass.

How do I get GMEE tokens?

You can get GMEE tokens from various centralized and decentralized exchanges. Take a look at the GAMEE website for more information and links.

Can I get tokens other than GMEE?

Yes. You can win partner tokens in Lucky Events, which are added to your Arc8 Pay wallet. You can also win tokens and NFTs by competing in the web3 section of Arc8, the Arc8 League.

Can I withdraw tokens from my Arc8 Pay account?

Yes. Click here to find out more about how wallets work and how to withdraw sponsors' tokens (and GMEE) to your personal wallet.

How can I see/withdraw the other tokens I have in my Arc8 Pay account?

  • Go to your wallet screen in the Arc8 app.
  • Where you see your Arc8 Pay balance, there is a small arrow next to the number. Click this and you can see all the other tokens you currently own.
  • Click the one you want to withdraw. You may now click the withdraw button to send it to another wallet. Remember, it is advised to send it to a personal wallet. Never send MATIC to your Arc8 wallet.