Seasons and Premium Pass

What are Seasons?

Arc8, as a competitive platform, uses Seasons.

Each Season in Arc8 allows you to progress through different levels, each of which offers rewards. At the start of a new season, progress is reset.

What Seasons have already happened?

  • Galaxy Season (June 13–July 11)

  • Andromeda Season (July 11–September 5)

  • Spooky Season (September 5-December 5)

  • Frosty Season (December 5th – January 31st)

  • Retro Season (January 31st – April 4th)

What Season is Arc8 in now?

We are currently in Moca Season, running from April 4th – June 4th.

How do I progress?

Each time you win a battle, you get 1 crown. A certain number of crowns are needed to reach the next level – you can see this number in the app. You will get rewards when you get a crown.

What rewards do I get for progressing?

Each time you get a crown by reaching a new level, you will get rewards. Rewards can change between seasons. Rewards for progressing can be:

What happens to my progress at the start of a new Season?

Your progress is reset; each Season is a fresh start.

What does a Premium Pass give me?

A Premium Pass (which you can buy in the in-app shop for money or on the website for GMEE) offers a premium experience. Primarily, it allows you to win premium rewards at each level, on top of the standard rewards that you get without a pass. If you purchase a Premium Pass mid-way through a season, you will still be able to collect premium rewards from all the levels you have already reached in that Season.

What rewards do I get for reaching the final level in the Season Progress path?

As a reward for making it to the final level, there are special high-value bonus rewards for all players. Premium Pass holders also get one additional bonus reward, which is the highest reward you can get in a given Season.

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