Seasons and Premium Pass

What are Seasons?

Arc8, as a competitive platform, uses Seasons.
Each Season in Arc8 allows you to progress through different levels, each of which offers rewards. At the start of a new season, progress is reset.

What Seasons have already happened?

  • Season Galaxy (June 13–July 11)

What Season is Arc8 in now?

We are currently in Season Andromeda, running from July 11thSeptember 5th. This is represented in-app by the planet theme. As you progress, you will see your planet grow. However, when the next major 2023 upgrade comes to Arc8, the planets will be replaced by something far more impressive that you will be able to interact with.
There are also Seasons in the Arc8 League, though these run at different times and are numbered.

How do I progress?

Each time you win a battle, you get 1 crown. A certain number of crowns are needed to reach the next level – you can see this number in the app. You will get rewards when you get a crown.

What rewards do I get for progressing?

Each time you get a crown by reaching a new level, you will get rewards. Rewards can change between seasons. Rewards for progressing can be:

What happens to my progress at the start of a new Season?

Your progress is reset; each Season is a fresh start.

What does a Premium Pass give me?

A Premium Pass (which you can buy in the in-app shop for money or on the website for GMEE) offers a premium experience. Primarily, it allows you to win premium rewards at each level, on top of the standard rewards that you get without a pass. If you purchase a Premium Pass mid-way through a season, you will still be able to collect premium rewards from all the levels you have already reached in that Season.

What rewards do I get for reaching the final level in the Season Progress path?

As a reward for making it to the final level, there are special high-value bonus rewards for all players. Premium Pass holders also get one additional bonus reward, which is the highest reward you can get in a given Season.