Pirate Solitaire

Scoring System

Each card uncovered is worth +20 points. There are 21 cards in total to uncover in each game (+420 points maximum).

When a card is moved to the base, the point value starts at +130 for Ace and gets lower with each next card (+120 for 2, +110 or 3, etc...). The maximum when completing the game is equal to +3,640 points maximum.

When the game is completed, a +500 points bonus is awarded. There is a chance to get +50 points for a hidden easter egg, a maximum of 2 times per game (+100 points maximum).

The time bonus is awarded at the end of the game and is computed as:

(uncovered cards/30 * 2.4 + 0.3) * time left

The maximum time bonus is +3,000 points.

The maximum overall score is then 7,660 points.

Redrawing the pile more than 3 times subtracts -20 points.

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