Friend Invitations

How can I invite friends to play?

Simple! Go to your Arc8 profile (on the top right of the home screen) and scroll down to promotions. Click invite friends and then you've got three options:
  • Click your referral code to copy it and then send it to the friends you want in your team
  • Click the Invite friends button to share an Arc8 download link (which includes your referral code!) wherever you want – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • At the end of a game, you can share your score. You will get a poster showing your (hopefully awesome!) score that you can post wherever you want. Along with it will be your own personal referral code, which your friends can use to join you on Arc8 and win their share of rewards

How can I enter my friend's referral code?

If your friend has invited you to play Arc8, first thank them for being such a fantastic friend! Then, when you have installed and signed in to the Arc8 app, click your profile (top right of the home screen) and scroll down to promotions. Click Enter promo code and then paste or type your friend's referral code. That's it!

Can I enter my friend's referral code after I have already played a game?

Yes! It's never too late to enter a referral code. However, only your gameplay after entering the referral code will count. For instance, if you have already reached Silver rank, you will have to reach it again in a different game to get your GMEE rewards.

Can my friend and I enter each other's referral codes?

No. Only the first referral code entered will work. If you enter your friend's referral code first and then your friend enters yours, it will not work and they will receive a message that the code is invalid.

When will I receive my GMEE for referring someone or entering my friend's referral code?

  • As soon as the invited player has reached Silver in a game, you will both get your first reward of 1 GMEE.
  • And when they reach Gold rank in a game, you will both get 5 GMEE again.

Do I get GMEE every time the invited player gets Silver or Gold rank in a game?

No. You get your GMEE reward just once, when they have reached Silver rank in any one game for the first time. After that, your next reward will be when they reach Gold rank in a game. If you want to earn even more GMEE, then your best option is to build a team. That way, you will get a reward every time one of your teammates reaches their first Silver and Gold rank.

How do I build a team?

Easy! Instead of inviting just one player, invite more! The more players in your team, the greater your reward. But whether it's five friends or fifty, they will need to reach Silver rank to trigger the reward.
Rewards for team leaders
  • Team of 5 Silver members — you get 5 additional GMEE
  • Team of 10 Silver members — you get 10 additional GMEE
  • Team of 20 Silver members — you get 25 additional GMEE
  • Team of 50 Silver members — you get 85 additional GMEE

Do I still get the regular rewards if I build a team?

You will still get 1 GMEE when a new team member reaches Silver, and 5 GMEE when they reach Gold rank. The team rewards are just bonuses on top of the regular rewards.

Do I get rewards if I invite more than 50 people?

Yes. You will still get a reward when teammates reach Silver and Gold level. However, you won't get any bonus rewards after attaining 50 Silver-level teammates.

Can I build a team even if I am in somebody else's team?

Yes. You can be a part of your friend's team and make your own team. In fact, it's a great strategy, as not only will you receive rewards for building your own team, but you will still get rewards for reaching Silver and Gold because you are in your friend's team.

How can I see who is in my team?

On your team page, you can see your teammates' progress, what rank they have reached, and what rewards you have earned. Here are three ways to get there:
  • Click the Invite friends notification on the main Arc8 page
  • When on the main page, click the small energy icon at the bottom of your screen. This shows all your past activity, and includes any rewards you have received when a teammate has reached Silver or Gold rank. Click any notification about a teammate reaching a new rank
  • Go to your profile (top right of the screen) and scroll down to the Referral section. Click Earn tokens for referral