GMEE Vouchers

For Prizes

What is GMEE?

GMEE token is a virtual currency designed for the ever-growing world of exciting games and unique NFT collectibles - GAMEE's world dedicated to players and creators.

What are GMEE vouchers?

In order to cross-promote our skill-based app, Arc8, we are offering real value GMEE tokens in the Prizes app, so our users can try premium tournaments and 1v1 matches within the ARC8 app and challenge other players.
You can read more about the subject in our medium post.

How can I win GMEE Vouchers?

You can win GMEE vouchers by ranking high in the daily leaderboard and also with some luck on the weekly draw.

How can I withdraw GMEE Vouchers?

When you win your GMEE tokens, a pop-up will appear with a promo code that you’ll be able to copy and paste in your Arc8 account.
Once you have copied your code, the GMEE Tokens amount will be added to your Arc8 wallet, and then you are ready to play some premium 1v1 matches and tournaments! The more you win, the more GMEE you’ll accumulate.
We also recommend watching this video on how to redeem GMEE vouchers.