GAMEE LP Staking Event

What is an LP Staking Event?

We are rewarding GMEE token holders for creating liquidity pools on Uniswap and Quickswap. If you are not familiar with liquidity pools, you may want to study these first.

How to participate in the LP staking?

Decide if you want to go for staking on the Ethereum network or Polygon. On the Ethereum network, the staking event is tied to adding the GMEE/ETH pair to a liquidity pool on Uniswap. You get LP token as a proof of doing so and you will stake these LP tokens on When you connect your wallet to the site, it needs to be on the Ethereum network, and you will pay gas fees in ETH.
On the Polygon network, the LP staking event is tied to adding the GMEE/MATIC pair to liquidity pool on Quickswap. Stake your LP tokens on Remember, when you connect your wallet to the site, it needs to be on the Polygon network. You will need MATIC in your wallet to pay for gas fees. Now you should be earning GMEE.
See our video guide to take you through the whole process

Can I claim my earnings at any time?

Yes, you can claim your earned tokens at any time even after the event has ended.
Can I unstake my LP tokens at any time?
Yes, you can unstake your LP tokens any time you want. You can also “Claim & Withdraw all” to unstake your LP tokens and claim your GMEE at once. How are the rewards calculated? Total rewards are given for a period of time, in this case, for 1 month, reward pool is 1M GMEE on Ethereum network and 500k GMEE on Polygon. The reward distribution takes into account the overall amount of LP token staked and your share in it.

What is APR?

APR is a shortcut for Annual percentage rate. It is really just an estimate, what the staking reward could look like for participants. It assumes a situation when nothing changed (same amount of LP token would be staked and same rewards distributed during a whole year).

How long does the LP staking event last?

Current one lasts for one month, until the end of April. We will evaluate the first event and introduce more as the project develops. If you keep your LP in the contract, you will resume your earnings when the new event goes live.

How can I bridge GMEE from the Ethereum network to Polygon?

We have a guide to help you: here

I joined a staking event in the past, but did not claim my rewards, can I still claim it?

Yes, it will show at as an inactive event. You will be able to claim your rewards & unstake LP token anytime. The old staking contract (2021) will not restart, so if you are interested in participating in 2022 events, you will need to use the new event.
I am getting an error message saying "Wrong Network" You need to switch your wallet to the relevant network. To stake GMEE/ETH LPs, your wallet needs to be on the Ethereum Mainnet network. To stake GMEE/MATIC LPs, your wallet needs to be on the Polygon Mainnet Network. See a guide how to set Metamask for Polygon in case you need help.
Is it possible to lose money from staking? Always invest only what you can afford to lose. This statement is true for all investments, not just in liquidity pools. If you are not sure what impermanent loss is and how liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges work, please do your own research first, before investing.

I am getting an error message saying "Transaction Rejected"

The transaction was either manually cancelled by you, or the transaction has failed due to insufficient gas, or a wrong instruction in the contract. One reason why this might be is the gas fee set was lower than needed at the specific time of the transaction. Pasting the txn ID into Etherscan or Polygonscan, may help reveal the reason why the transaction was rejected or failed.

What is the staking contract address?

You can check the contract of each LP staking by clicking on the 3 dots and “show contract”.
For the GMEE/MATIC pool: 0xcEFaD3e7fB7cac698504eF3Ddc8038E833D13Dc1
For the GMEE/ETH pool: 0x92049EE3FaD044E7aa66D3BA2095E26d375A6301

Still not working?

We have an official Discord server and Telegram group where you can chat with community members and GAMEE staff. You can also get some live support here.
In case you still need more help, please send a message with detailed description of the problem to [email protected]