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Phoenix Protocol

FAQs for GAMEE's Phoenix Protocol initiative for GMEE token holders

What is the Phoenix Protocol?

The Phoenix Protocol is an initiative designed to reward GMEE token holders on Ethereum with potential rewards and early access to future GAMEE assets. It's a series of adventures beginning on February 8th, 2024 that aim to enhance the utility of the GMEE token within our ecosystem as we make the transition away from Polygon to Ethereum.
The first step in Phase One of the Phoenix Protocol is the Lootmaker.

What is the Lootmaker?

The Lootmaker is the first step of the Phoenix Protocol. It is a soft staking mechanism for GMEE tokens held on Ethereum. Simply by holding GMEE tokens, participants earn Loot Points daily, with the amount based on the amount of GMEE they hold.

How do I participate in the Phoenix Protocol?

Taking part is straightforward. To be a part of step one (the Lootmaker), simply:
  • Connect your wallet that holds GMEE tokens on Ethereum.
  • Claim your Loot Points directly from the site.

How do I earn Loot Points?

There are ten tiers for GMEE holders, each offering different daily Loot Point rewards.
Loot Points are awarded based on the amount of GMEE a participant holds. We will take a random daily snapshot to determine your GMEE tier and the number of Loot Points you will receive.

What can Loot Points be used for?

Loot Points will be used for claiming rewards within the Phoenix Protocol. The specific rewards will be revealed in the future.

Can I still claim Loot Points if I join the Lootmaker step late?

Yes, participants can claim Loot Points retroactively for the entire campaign period, provided you held GMEE on either Polygon or Ethereum from the start of the campaign (February 8th, 2024).
This means that if you previously held GMEE on Polygon and are waiting to claim your GMEE on Ethereum, you can still participate. Both GMEE holders on Polygon and Ethereum will be rewarded with a number of Loot Points as soon as they join as a show of gratitude for taking part.

Is it possible to earn Loot Points on another network aside from Ethereum?

No. Although we are giving a bonus Loot Point reward to those who previously held GMEE on Polygon, the Phoenix Protocol is an exclusive feature for GMEE holders on Ethereum.

What is coming up in Phoenix Protocol Phase 1?

Phase 1 of the Phoenix Protocol will unfold in steps, starting with soft staking rewards (the Lootmaker).
Future phases will introduce more ways to earn Loot Points. Updates will be published on the GMEE Token X (Twitter) page and here on our FAQs.