Phoenix Protocol & Loot

GAMEE's Phoenix Protocol initiative for GMEE token holders

What is the Phoenix Protocol?

The Phoenix Protocol is an initiative designed to reward GMEE token holders on Ethereum with potential rewards and early access to future GAMEE assets.

It's a series of Episodes that started on February 8th, 2024, and was created to enhance the utility of the GMEE token within our ecosystem. Over 5 episodes taking place across the GAMEE ecosystem, participants can collect Loot.

So far, there are two episodes available to take part in, and Episode 1 has finished:

  • Episode 1: GMEE Soft Staking

  • Episode 2: The Loot Mine.

  • Episode 3: GMEE Hard Staking

What is Loot?

Loot is the name given to the points that you collect in the Phoenix Protocol. It can be collected in different episodes of the Phoenix Protocol, and in occasional events elsewhere, such as in Arc8.

What is Loot for?

This will be revealed in the final Episode of the Phoenix Protocol. At the moment, it is only possible to collect Loot.

What is the Loot Mine (Episode Two)?

The Loot Mine is a mining activity on Telegram.

Participants need only to have a Telegram account for now, and can sign up on the Phoenix Protocol website later.

Find out more on our Telegram Loot Mining FAQ.

What is Hard Staking (Episode Three)?

Episode 3 of the Phoenix Protocol is a hard-staking initiative on Ethereum: this means that the GMEE you commit to staking is locked for the period of time that you choose. You can choose to stake for 30 days or 60 days, with the latter option resulting in more Loot.

How do I participate in the Phoenix Protocol?

To take part in Episode Two (the Loot Mine):

To take part in Episode Three (GMEE Hard Staking):

  • Connect the wallet that holds your GMEE tokens on Ethereum.

  • Choose your amount and stake for 30 or 60 days

  • Claim your Loot directly from the site.

Click here for more information on GMEE Hard Staking.

How much GMEE can I stake in Episode 3?

The minimum staking amount is 1000 GMEE. There is no upper limit on how much GMEE you can stake. However, the more GMEE you stake (and the longer you do it), the more Loot you will earn.

Is my GMEE safe while hard staking?

Yes. Your GMEE is locked into a contract for the duration of time you choose (30 or 60 days). It will be returned to you. However, note that you cannot access or trade your staked GMEE during this period; if you withdraw your stake, there is a 5% tax on the amount staked.

Can I change the amount of GMEE I have staked?

You cannot remove GMEE from the contract after you have staked without incurring a 5% tax, but you can stake more GMEE.

You must stake for the same amount of time as your initial stake (30 or 60 days) and the staking period will be reset back to day one for all the GMEE you now have in the contract.

How do I connect my wallet on the Phoenix Protocol website?

To connect your wallet on the website, do the following:

  • On a mobile device: Use the Wallet Connect option and select the Ethereum wallet you are using to hold GMEE.

  • On Mac/PC: You can connect directly using a wallet from the list, or you can select Wallet Connect if you do not see your wallet listed there.

How do I collect Loot?

  • In Episode Three, there are tiers for GMEE stakers, each offering different daily Loot rewards. Loot is awarded based on the amount of GMEE a participant stakes.

  • In Episode Two, you can mine Loot via the Telegram Mining app.

  • In future Episodes, which will be announced on Telegram, Twitter and Medium.

  • Elsewhere, there have been other ways to collect smaller amounts of Loot:

Can I connect my Loot balance on the Phoenix Protocol website with Loot I have collected somewhere else?

No. These are separate balances.

  • Loot collected by staking GMEE is stored in your account on the Phoenix Protocol website.

  • Loot collected elsewhere (such as in Telegram mining or Arc8 competitions) is stored where you won it (eg. on Telegram or in your Arc8 account).

Is it possible to collect Loot on another network aside from Ethereum?

No. Although we gave a bonus Loot reward to those who previously held GMEE on Polygon, the Phoenix Protocol is an exclusive feature for GMEE holders on Ethereum, and for our community on Telegram and Arc8.

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