Telegram Loot Mining & Hodling

FAQ on Phoenix Protocol Episode 2: The Loot Mine

What is Telegram Loot Mining?

Telegram Loot mining is the activity for Episode Two of GAMEE's Phoenix Protocol.

It takes place on Telegram, where players need to mine their share of the Loot.

To take part, visit and click 'Start Mining'.

What is Telegram Loot Hodling?

The Telegram Loot Hodl is a game where you must hold a button for as long as possible.

You get more Loot for reaching certain milestones.

Your score is cumulative, meaning you can return as often as you like and your score will continue to increase. Loot rewards are sent out at the end of the event – date TBA.

How to play?

  • Type “@gamee Loot HODL” in a chat or group

  • Tap on it and send to the chat

  • Open and hold the button for as long as you can.

  • Your score is cumulative — it increases every time you play.

  • Get Loot when the hodling event finishes (Date TBA!)

Achievement + reward

  • 1 hour: 20 Loot

  • 6 hours: 80 Loot

  • 12 hours: 150 Loot

  • 24 hours: 250 Loot

  • 48 hours: 400 Loot

  • 72 hours: 500 Loot

Team bonus

  • Sum of your team members’ high scores. (Your team = you + people you invited)

Rewards for the Team Leaderboard

  • Top 10: 100,000 Loot / team

  • 11th — 100th place: 10,000 Loot / team

  • 101st — 1,000th place: 5,000 Loot / team

⚠️ Anti-Cheat Policy

Any suspicious or cheating behavior in the Loot Hodl will result in a player losing their entire Loot balance on Telegram.

What is Loot?

Loot is the name given to points that you collect in GAMEE's Phoenix Protocol.

In Episode One of the Phoenix Protocol, you earn Loot for soft-staking GMEE via the Phoenix Protocol website.

In Episode Two, you earn it via the Telegram Mining app.

What is Loot used for?

The purpose of Loot will be revealed in a later Episode of the Phoenix Protocol.

How can I claim my Loot?

Your Loot from mining is kept on Telegram. You can see how much Loot you have by going to your Telegram profile.

Telegram accounts are not connected to the Phoenix Protocol website, which is for Loot you have collected by holding GMEE. Loot from Telegram mining (and elsewhere) and Loot from participating in other Episodes via the website are separate balances.

Can I still take part in mining or hodling if I didn't take part in Episode One of the Phoenix Protocol?

Yes. To take part in the Telegram mining or hodling, you only need a Telegram account. Telegram accounts and the Phoenix Protocol website are not connected.

GMEE holders on Ethereum can still also participate in Episode One on the Phoenix Protocol website.

How much Loot can I mine per hour?

By default, you can mine 5 Loot per hour simply by going to the mining app and clicking 'Start Mining'. You must then claim your Loot in order to mine again.

How can I increase my mining rate/mining cap?

  • Invite friends: Gain +5 Loot per hour for every active friend (up to 20 friends)

  • Spend Tickets: Use the Tickets you've collected in games and challenges (via the @GAMEE bot) to increase your mining cap to +20 Loot per hour. You can do this multiple times.

I have invited friends – why hasn't my mining rate increased?

When you start mining, your rate stays the same until the end of that session. New friends are only counted when the next session begins. For example, if you start mining at 10 am and your friend starts mining at 10.05 am, your rate will not increase until the next session.

Also, to count towards your boost, your friend(s) must be actively mining. This means they have mined within the last 24 hours.

Also, if your rate has not increased, you may have reached your Mining Cap. To increase your Mining Cap, use Tickets that you have earned in Telegram games and challenges (via the @GAMEE bot).

My Loot is full on Telegram. Can I still mine more?

Yes. When you have reached your mining cap, you have to claim your mined Loot, and then click "Restart Mining". You can also increase your mining cap by spending Tickets.

Can I create a team if I am already in a team?

Yes. You can join your friend's team to help him/her gain +5 Loot per hour, and then create your own team to get +5 mining bonuses from your friends.

I have another question.

Sorry that we couldn't answer it here! You can ask in @GAMEETalk on Telegram, or swing by our Discord Server and ask us there!

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