Earning Money

For GAMEE's cash apps

How do I win money in this app?

In many ways! You can win by doing the following:

To enter the Weekly Draw, you need to collect Tickets. You get Tickets by playing games, spinning the Fortune Wheel, completing offers, playing Lucky Games, and inviting teammates.

Note that for iOS players, these features become available as you level up:

- Fortune Wheel

- Raffles

- Lotto

- Lucky Ticket multiplier and double claim ads

Where does the money come from?

We share our advertising revenue with our players.

When can I withdraw my prize?

Whenever you have at least $10 in your app balance, you can withdraw it using your PayPal account. We will ask you to fill in a few personal details and then send it to you. No worries – it's nothing complicated! Check out this page for a more detailed guide on how to withdraw your prize.


What is the Fortune Wheel?

The Fortune Wheel is a wheel that you can spin to get rewards. These can be:

  • Cash prizes

  • Tickets

  • Ticket Boosters

You get more free spins every consecutive day that you return to spin it in a 7-day period. If you spin it for 7 days in a row, you will unlock the Wheel of Cash.

Why can't I spin the Fortune Wheel?

You get a limited number of free spins, and then you can get more spins by watching ads. When you've watched all the available ads – or there are no more spins to unlock – you have to wait a while before you can spin the Fortune Wheel again.

When the Spin Now button changes from gray to yellow, you can spin again.


How do Lucky Games work?

Lucky Games reward players with cash prizes for having the winning Lucky Numbers.

Click Get a Lucky Number and you will automatically be given a number when the ad finishes.

You can get several numbers to increase your chances of having the winning number. When the timer ends, one lucky number is randomly drawn. If it is your number, your cash prize will be sent to your in-app balance! (Only available on Android).

The more Tickets you have, the higher the chance that you will have a winning number.


How do I join the Daily Jackpot Lotto?

You can join the Jackpot Lotto from the Lotto tab at the bottom of the main screen. Choose your combination of numbers and check how many matches you get once the lotto ends.

You can have more than one combination of numbers to increase your chances. The more matching numbers, the higher the cash prize you win!

The person with the winning Ticket gets the cash prize, and other entrants receive Tickets.


How do I enter the Weekly Draw?

The Weekly Draw is held every Sunday. As long as you have the minimum number of Tickets or more, you can manually enter your Tickets and will be eligible for cash prizes. The more Tickets you enter, the greater your chance of winning!

Do I have to enter the Weekly Draw?

No. If you want, you can save up your Tickets and enter a future Weekly Draw. Your Tickets will not disappear!

Why didn't I win the Weekly Draw?

The draw is completely random and a few winning tickets are chosen. Although there are always winners, not all entrants can win. Having the most Tickets does not guarantee that you will win – but it greatly increases your chances.


What is the Wheel of Cash?

The Wheel of Cash is a bonus wheel that will appear 10 times after you have spun the Fortune Wheel for 7 days in a row. All the rewards on offer in the Wheel of Cash are cash prizes!

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