How to Play Monkey Match

FAQ for GAMEE's Monkey Match app

Where can I play Monkey Match?

You can play Monkey Match on your mobile device. It is available for Android and iOS.

How do I play Monkey Match?

There is an in-game tutorial to help you. Otherwise, here's a quick guide to playing the game:

  • The goal of the game is to deplete the opponent's health faster than he depletes yours

  • You are taking turns to try and score the most valuable combination

  • Swipe to match stones of the same color to collect them

  • You can match gems in either a line, a square, or other special shapes

  • Match 4 or more tiles in one move to get an extra move and special stones

  • Match it with the same colored tiles to unleash its power

  • Your powers-ups are at the bottom – use your shuffle to shuffle stones on the board, and use the hammer to destroy a selected stone

  • A colorful power icon means powers can be used. A gray icon means there are no more uses

  • You can move a stone to set up a later move, even if it doesn't create a match

  • When you match any stones, the value of the combination is subtracted from your opponent's health

  • Before each game, you can choose a special ability that can help you to beat the opponent

  • To activate the ability you need to collect a certain number of stones of a particular color

What is the goal of the game?

  • The main goal of the game is to progress through the game quests and levels to collect Tickets, which you can use in Lucky Games and Weekly Draws to win cash and rewards.

  • Quests have 6 different difficulty levels and at the end of each successful quest you are rewarded with Tickets

How does the Lucky Ticket Multiplier work?

There is a possibility to multiply the Tickets through the Lucky Ticket Multiplier, where you can multiply the Ticket reward (From x2 to x6). The Lucky Ticket Multiplier is activated by the 'Multiply Tickets' button. An ad is automatically played and then the multiplied sum of tickets is transferred to your Ticket balance.

What is the purpose of the levels?

Levels are a series of quests that end with a large Ticket reward. This reward can be doubled by clicking on the 'Double Tickets' button. Before doubling tickets and transferring them to your Ticket balance, an ad is automatically played.

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