How to Play Tropical Crush

How to play Tropical Crush

Where can I play Tropical Crush?

You can play Tropical Crush on your mobile device. It is available for Android and iOS.

How do I play Tropical Crush?

There is an in-game tutorial to help you. Otherwise, here's a quick guide to playing the game:

  • Swipe to match fruits of the same color to collect them

  • You can match fruits in either a line or a square

  • Match 4 or more tiles in one move to get a Juice Rocket

  • Match it with the same colored tiles to unleash the Rainbow

  • Your powers are at the bottom – use your hammer to break the ice blocking the matching fruit

  • A colorful power icon means powers can be used. A gray icon means there are no more uses

  • You can move a tile to set up a later move, even if it doesn't create a match

  • Be careful! You only have a limited number of moves to complete each level

  • When you match any tiles, all surrounding wood and ice blocks are damaged

  • It takes two hits to destroy an undamaged block. The 1st hit will cause cracks to appear, and the 2nd will destroy it!

  • Matching another set of fruits will destroy the wood block

What is the goal of the game?

  • The main goal of the game is to progress through the game quests and levels to collect Tickets, which you can use in Lucky Games and Weekly draw to win cash and rewards.

  • The goal of each quest is either to collect the defined number of fruits or break obstacles in a given number of moves.

  • Quests have 6 different difficulty levels and at the end of the each successful quest you are rewarded with Tickets

How does the Lucky Ticket Multiplier work?

There is a possibility to multiply the Tickets through the Lucky Ticket Multiplier, where you can multiply the Ticket reward (From x2 to x6). The Lucky Ticket Multiplier is activated by the 'Multiply Tickets' button. An ad is automatically played and then the multiplied sum of tickets is transferred to your Ticket balance.

What is the purpose of the levels?

Levels are a series of quests which end with a large Ticket reward. This reward can be doubled by clicking on the 'Double Tickets' button. Before doubling tickets and transfering them to your Ticket balance, an ad is automatically played.

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