Lives in Tropical Crush and Treasure Solitaire

What are Lives for?

Lives give you attempts to play the game. When you have no Lives left, you cannot play.

What happens when you lose lives?

Lives are subtracted from your balance every time you fail or quit the mission. If you lose a Life, the refresh countdown begins – after the specified period, you regain the Life. Lives are refreshed until the max. number of lives are reached.

How do I get more Lives?

There are 3 ways you can get more Lives to continue playing:

  • Wait until a Life refreshes

  • Watch an ad (if available)

  • Buy Lives in the shop

Can I buy Lives in the shop when I still have Lives remaining?

Yes. Lives that you buy in the shop allow you to go over the maximum number of Lives. This means that you can buy Lives whenever you want, even if you haven't run out yet.

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