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How can I contact GAMEE Customer Support?

You can contact us by email, but first read the FAQs to see if your question or problem is mentioned here. If your question is answered in the FAQs, we may not respond.

If you are certain that your question is not answered in the pages linked above or in this FAQ below, then click here to find out how to get in touch with GAMEE customer support.

You may also find it very helpful (and quicker!) to ask your question to fellow players. Visit this page to chat with and ask for help from the friendly community of GAMEE cash app players:

Why didn't I win the contest?

Our draw is completely random; not everybody can win, although the more tickets you have, the bigger the chance that you have the winning ticket! But this does not mean that the player with the most tickets will definitely win the contest.

How does the Daily Leaderboard work? / How many Tickets do I need for the Daily Leaderboard?

The Daily Leaderboard operates on a 24-hour cycle. During this period, you compete against other players to accumulate Tickets, which determines your overall score and ranking in the leaderboard.

To keep track of the leaderboard's progress, you can find a countdown timer located in the top left corner. This timer indicates the time remaining until the current leaderboard period ends.

Once the Daily Leaderboard ends, a cooldown period of 30 minutes is implemented before players can claim their rewards. During this interval, Tickets you earn are not actively counted. This condition is in place to ensure that players have the opportunity to claim their previous rewards before participating in the next Daily Leaderboard. The waiting time may vary if a player chooses to claim their rewards at a later point.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in the app:

  • Click on the profile icon in the top right corner

  • Scroll down and click on Settings.

  • Scroll down again and click on Delete account.

Note that this is permanent; we cannot restore the account later.

Why can I not withdraw my money?

You need the minimum withdrawal amount in your balance to withdraw your money. You can see this number in the Withdrawal section of the app.

Why was my payment request canceled?

The most likely reason is that you have created fake accounts and the system has automatically banned you. If you think this is an error, contact us with your username. If it is not an error and you have created fake accounts or cheated, then you are now permanently banned and cannot withdraw the money, as it is in breach of our fair use policy.

If you are certain that you have not created fake accounts or otherwise cheated, there may be an issue with your PayPal account or the details you provided when withdrawing (such as your name). In that case, please read the Withdrawing Money FAQ to check the requirements.

Why hasn't my money arrived in my PayPal account?

It can take up to ten working days for the money to arrive. With weekends, this can mean up to two weeks.

Check the status of the withdrawal in the app. If it is pending, then wait – it will soon arrive! If it is cancelled, it is likely that you made an error when giving your details. Please carefully read the guide on how to withdraw your money and try again.

Other checks you can do if you haven't received your money yet:

  • Check that you used correct information when filling in your withdrawal request

  • Please check if you have used your PayPal account in the past. If not, you may need to activate your account to accept payments.

  • Ensure that your PayPal account is set up to accept commercial payments. Sometimes, payments are not processed if the account is not configured properly.

  • Verify if there are any specific regulations or restrictions in place that could prevent the completion of the payment. This may occur in certain countries or with specific types of transactions.

Can I use a different payment service instead of PayPal?

We understand that in a small minority of countries, our current withdrawal method, PayPal, may not be available. However, for the moment, it is the only way you can claim your money.

Keep in mind that if you play and remain an active player, your money will not expire in your in-app account. If we eventually add a new payment method that is available in your country, you will then be able to withdraw.

Can I play this app to earn a living?

As a free gaming app, our primary goal is to provide players with an enjoyable gaming experience while offering the unique opportunity to also earn real cash rewards. We share a portion of our ad revenue with players as a thank you for choosing our gaming app.

However, we want to make it clear that our app is not intended to replace any form of regular income. We strive to create a fair environment where earning chances are equal for all players. These chances are determined by active game participation, contest outcomes, and using our Referral Program.

Why can't I win Tickets anymore / Why have I been banned?

If you have cheated by creating fake accounts, the system has probably automatically banned you. It is not permitted to have multiple accounts or create fake accounts for a friend referral.

If you think this is a mistake, contact us with your username.

What are lives for? How can I get more?

Lives are used to play games. When you fail a mission, you lose 1 life. You gain one life back every 15 minutes until you reach the maximum number of lives.

If you have no lives remaining, you can watch an ad to get one life – this is possible several times per day. You can also buy more lives in the shop.

Why has my Fortune Wheel reset to Day 1?

It is likely that you have accidentally skipped a day and did not spin the Fortune Wheel. In order to unlock the Wheel of Cash, you must spin the Fortune Wheel 7 days in a row. If a day is missed, your Daily Streak will start again on Day 1.

Can I play this app on the web?

No. You can only play this app on a mobile device running either Android or iOS.

Can I log in with Facebook?

Yes. You can use Facebook, an email address, or Google to log in.

Why can I not see a certain feature in the app / Where has this feature gone?

In order to increase the accessibility of our app and to make it easier for new players to learn about all that the app has to offer, we chose to test gradually introducing features on iOS. Therefore, these features will unlock once you achieve a certain level of progress:

  • Fortune Wheel

  • Raffles

  • Lotto

  • Lucky Ticket multiplier

  • Double claim ads

  • Game missions

Bugs 🐞

Below is a list of bug reports or technical issues we have received in the past. Note that most of them are now fixed – we will keep these here in case they happen again. We will add any new bug reports here too.

If your bug is not listed here, then please contact us and include a video where possible of the problem you are facing.

  • I am stuck on Day 1 of the Fortune Wheel. This error effects a small minority of players and is being fixed by our team.

  • I get a timeout error when loading a game. Try restarting your phone. If that does not work, try reinstalling the app.

  • The reward I won is different to the reward the wheel said I would get. Our team is actively working on resolving this issue, which is a bug that shows the wrong reward on screen and not the one you actually won.

  • The app doesn't work on my Android phone. You may be using an outdated version of Android – our app supports Android 7.1 and up.

  • I am having technical difficulties that are not mentioned here. Your problem could be a device-specific issue. Try restarting your phone or reinstalling the app. If you continue to have problems, then contact us and tell us your username, device type and OS version. Ideally, please also include a screen recording of the issue.

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