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How do I earn Tickets?

You can earn Tickets by:

  • Completing Missions

  • Inviting Friends

  • Spinning the Fortune Wheel

  • Playing Lucky Games

  • Participating in the Daily Lotto

  • Leveling Up

What are Tickets used for?

If you have the minimum number of Tickets, you can manually enter them into the Weekly Draw, which happens every Sunday. The more Tickets you have, the more chances you have to win the cash prizes.

You have to enter the minimum allowed number to take part (which you can see in the app), but you can continue to enter Tickets as often as you like before the Weekly Draw takes place, in order to boost your chances of winning.

Tickets are also used to enter Lucky Games, get extra spins on the Fortune Wheel, and extra chances in the Lotto. All of these reward real cash prizes.

Do I have to enter my Tickets into the Weekly Draw?

No. If you prefer, you can save up your Tickets and enter more of them into a future Weekly Draw. Your Tickets will not disappear!

Why did my Tickets go back to zero?

When Tickets are entered into the Weekly Draw, they are used up.

Can I exchange tickets for cash?

No. Tickets in this app are only used for our Weekly Draw, Lucky Games, Lotto and the Fortune Wheel. To find out how to win cash with Tickets or directly, check out the Earning Money page of the FAQs.

What is Leveling up?

Leveling up is when your Ticket multiplier increases. When you play games, the number of Tickets you win is affected by this multiplier. A higher multiplier means you earn more Tickets. You can get Ticket Multipliers in the Fortune Wheel.

Do multipliers affect Lucky Games, Team rewards, Lotto, etc?

No. Multipliers are only effective in games.

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