G-Bot Games, Tournaments and Rewards

FAQs on Dark Lords, Energy Wars, tournaments and rewards for G-Bot games
There are two G-Bot minigames in the Arc8 app, and they are only accessible to G-Bot owners.
Every day, players can join tournaments and play 1v1 matches in Dark Lords and Energy Wars inside the Arc8 app, and earn OMP and GMEE rewards. Tournaments pay out in OMP, while 1v1 matches and G-Bot Starter tournaments pay out in GMEE.
For a quick guide on how to open, send and use your G-Bot in Arc8, click here.


How do I get a G-Bot?

You can get a G-Bot on OpenSea. Here is a video to guide you through the process.
How to get a G-Bot on OpenSea
Alternatively, you can win a G-Bot Starter by competing in the frequent Arc8 events that offer them as a reward. Note that G-Bot Starters have low stats and are not capable of breeding, upgrading or evolving; they simply grant access to G-Bot games in Arc8.

Can I play with more than one G-Bot in a single tournament?

You can own as many G-Bots as you want, but you can only use one G-Bot per tournament per account. Using multiple accounts may result in a ban. If you own G-Bots of different rarities, then you can enter one into each rarity tournament (eg. enter a tournament for Common G-Bots and a tournament for Mythical G-Bots).

Is there an entry fee for these tournaments?

Yes. Entry fees are in GMEE.

What are the rewards for G-Bot tournaments and matches?

Tournament rewards are allocated based on the final position at the end of the tournament. Rewards for 1v1 matches are given to the winner and are shown before you play.
  • Rewards for tournaments are in OMP, which can be used to breed and upgrade your G-Bots, and evolve Baby Bots into adults.
  • Rewards for tournaments that are only for G-Bot Starters pay out in GMEE.
  • Rewards for 1v1 matches pay out in GMEE.

Can G-Bot Starters earn OMP?

At present, no – OMP is only rewarded to 'full' G-Bots.
Since G-Bot Starters cannot be bred, upgraded or evolved, OMP is not useful to G-Bot Starter owners. This is why tournaments for G-Bot Starters will continue to pay out GMEE, as it is useful across the entire Arc8 platform.

Do the stats of my G-Bots impact the game?

Yes. You can choose which G-Bot to play with to give you the best chance of winning. However, in 1v1 games, stats for both players' G-Bots are set at 99 to ensure a fair game where it is only skill that matters.
If you want to improve your G-Bot's stats, you can upgrade it using GMEE and OMP that you have earned in tournaments, unless it is a G-Bot Starter.

How do I play Dark Lords and Energy Wars?

Check out the G-Bot gaming section of the GAMEE Wiki for more information on these games.