G-Bot Packs and Sending G-Bots to Arc8

G-Bots Unpacking Available from January 6th
5,000 G-Bot packs were sold during Q4 2021, each of them with one G-Bot inside.
Starting January 6th at 1 pm UTC, owners of the G-Bot Packs were able to open them on Here's a quick guide on how to open, send and play the first G-Bot minigames in the Arc8 app.
There are for types of packs: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each of them has a different distribution of probabilities for the rarity of the resulting G-Bot:
G-Bot Packs Rarity Probabilities
The rarer the pack is, the higher the rarity of the resulting G-Bot. Note that the Ultimate rarity can only be acquired through breeding G-Bots, coming September 15, 2022.


Do I open packs individually or all at the same time?

You can open your packs one by one, and you can also decide to leave them unopened and come at some other time.

How many G-Bots are in one pack?

There is one G-Bot per pack.

Do I need tokens to open the packs?

Yes, you need a small amount of MATIC to cover the gas fees

Can I send my G-Bot Pack to Arc8?

No, you can only send your G-Bot to Arc8 after opening the Pack. Note that there is a cooldown period before you can use your G-Bot.

Why is there a cooldown when sending my G-Bot to Arc8?

We want to ensure all users are playing fair and square and not using multiple accounts. So sending one G-Bot to another account will take time.
For more help with wallets, check out this handy guide.

How do I send my G-Bot to Arc8?

Visit your inventory section on, click on your G-Bot, go to the top right menu with the three dots, click on "send", then paste your Arc8 wallet address.

How do I disconnect my wallet?

The only proper way to disconnect a wallet from a DAP is to go to your wallet extension and disconnect it manually - which will truly cut off the connection and the trust you gave us by connecting your wallet. From then on, we don’t have access. This guide may help:

Can I connect my Metamask to Arc8?

Yes. Check out the tutorial here.

Where can I buy a G-Bot or an unopened pack?

You can get a G-Bot on OpenSea. Here is a video to guide you through the process.
How to get a G-Bot on OpenSea