G-Bot packs sale

When is the sale happening?

The G-Bot Pre-Sale of first 1,000 packs SOLD OUT on November 2nd, 1 pm UTC. The final G-Bot Sale will happen on the 9th of December, at 1 pm UTC.
Both these events are the First Edition of G-Bots with the total number of 5,000 packs. Inside these packs are G-Bots with limited designs that will never repeat in any further sale.
If you miss the sale, you can buy a pack from owners here:
Please visit our site to learn more details.

How did the Sale work?

The sale was on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Took place at exactly at 1 pm UTC on the 9th of December, bought with $GMEE on Polygon and also some MATIC on Polygon ready for gas fees.
There was a limit of 2 packs per transaction.

How many packs were available?

1,000 packs are available in Pre-Sale with a 30% discount.
3,800 packs are available in the Sale.
200 packs are reserved for marketing purposes.

How much does a G-Bot pack cost?

During the pre-sale, G-Bot packs were 30% discounted:
  • Common Pack - 70 GMEE
  • Rare Pack - 350 GMEE
  • Epic Pack - 1,400 GMEE
  • Legendary Pack - 3,500 GMEE
During the sale, G-Bot packs costed:
  • Common Pack - 100 GMEE
  • Rare Pack - 500 GMEE
  • Epic Pack - 2,000 GMEE
  • Legendary Pack - 5,000 GMEE

What are the chances to get G-Bots of a certain rarity?

Odds are the same for packs in Pre-Sale and Sale.
Each pack contains one G-Bot of a specific rarity.
This means, for a common pack, there is an 84,6% chance to get a common G-Bot, a 14% chance to get a rare G-Bot, a 1% chance to get an epic G-Bot, and a 0.4% chance to get a legendary G-Bot.

When can I open my pack?

Owners of G-Bot packs will be able to open them on January 6th 2022, you’ll be able to connect your wallet to and open your pack.

Will there be more G-Bot sales?

At the moment, one more class drop is scheduled for Q3 2022, so there will be more opportunities to get G-Bots, however, designs from this First Edition G-Bots will never repeat in future sales. And you'll be able to start playing and earning with G-Bots before any other sales will happen.

What is in the pack?

Each pack includes on G-Bot of a specific rarity. This means, when you buy a common pack, most likely, it will contain a common rarity G-Bot, however, there is some chance for you to get a G-Bot of a higher rarity as well. Please check the chances breakdowns here:

What can I do with my G-Bot?

G-Bots have a very exciting roadmap, that starts with granting its owners access to special tournaments in Arc8 App, followed by staking, using them as characters in games, and many other features, feel free to dive in and read our lightpaper.

Can I use Arc8 wallet to buy the G-Bot?

Unfortunately not. You will need Metamask wallet switched to the Polygon network, for example, to purchase G-Bot.

My browser does not seem to support web3, what now?

Ideally, use a desktop version of Firefox or Chrome to purchase a pack.
For mobile phones, you will need to open a browser available inside the Metamask application and open the GBot marketplace page from there.
The browser in Metamask mobile application.