OMP, Breeding, Upgrading, Evolving

FAQs on G-Bot functionalities


What is OMP?

OMP is the native token of the G-Bot metaverse. Known as Omega Particles, they are used to breed, upgrade and evolve G-Bots. Find out more here on the Wiki or in this Medium article about the economics of the token.

How do I get OMP?

You can earn OMP by competing in G-Bot tournaments in Arc8. Alternatively, you can swap GMEE for OMP on QuickSwap. You will have to create a contract for it as it is not in the list, by typing this OMP address into the search field: 0x79667854d97744D32b1Ba5c51c25fBE791b424c8 Make sure you are using these addresses:


How many G-Bots do I need to breed?

You need a minimum of two G-Bots to breed, and a maximum of five. All participating parent G-Bots must have at least one Energy Core remaining. You can buy G-Bots here on OpenSea – follow this video guide if you need help.

How many times can a G-Bot breed?

The number of times a G-Bot can breed is dependent on how many Energy Cores it has. Each time a G-Bot breeds, it gives up one Energy Core. When a G-Bot runs out of Energy Cores, it can no longer breed.

How much does it cost to breed?

It will cost both OMP and GMEE to breed. To see the costs (and how they are calculated), take a look at the breeding page on the Wiki.

Where can I breed my G-Bots?

You can breed the G-Bots in your external wallet on the Arc8 web app.

Does breeding create a new G-Bot?

Breeding creates a Baby Bot, which you can then upgrade and evolve into an adult G-Bot. The adult G-Bot is a normal G-Bot like any other – you can compete with it, breed with it, or sell it on OpenSea.

What rarity level will my Baby Bot have?

This depends on the rarity level of the parents. Take a look at the table on the breeding page of the Wiki to see the probability of your Baby Bot's rarity. And keep in mind that you can always see the rarity you will get before you commit to the transaction.

Will my new G-Bot be able to breed?

Yes. A G-Bot that has evolved from a Baby Bot will always have at least one Energy Core and can therefore breed.

How many Energy Cores will my Baby Bot have?

The number of Energy Cores it has is dependent on the number of parent G-Bots it has. Each parent donates one Energy Core in the breeding process, one of which is burned. So a Baby Bot will have one fewer Energy Cores than it has parents. For instance, a Baby Bot with 4 parents will have 3 Energy Cores, and can therefore breed three times when it is an adult G-Bot.

Can I breed with my G-Bot Starters?

No. G-Bot Starters cannot be bred or upgraded.

My G-Bots cannot breed – what should I do?

Check that you are using 2-5 G-Bots, and all of them have at least one Energy Core remaining. And remember, you must do this in your external wallet on the Arc8 web app. If you continue to have problems, please get in touch with our customer support.


How do I upgrade my G-Bot(s)?

You need OMP and GMEE, and can upgrade your G-Bots in your external wallet on the Arc8 web app.

How much does it cost to upgrade?

To see how much it costs in OMP and GMEE to upgrade, take a look at the upgrading page on the Wiki. There, you can see the costs and how they are calculated, as well as the time it takes to upgrade.

How many times can a G-Bot be upgraded?

You can upgrade a G-Bot until it has reached its MOP, or Maximum Overall Potential. This number varies according to the G-Bot's rarity – check out the upgrading page of the Wiki to learn more about this.

Which stats can I upgrade?

You can upgrade whichever stats you want. Each time you upgrade, you get 9 points to distribute among the stats, and can use a maximum of 3 on any single stat.
Note that you can also chain upgrades together, meaning you can do multiple upgrades at once.


How do I evolve my Baby Bot into a G-Bot?

You need OMP and GMEE, and can evolve it in your external wallet on the Arc8 web app.

How much does it cost to evolve a Baby Bot?

Take a look at the evolving page of the Wiki for information on costs and timing for evolution.

When is my Baby Bot ready to evolve?

You can evolve a Baby Bot once it has reached its Evolution Point. To get to this point, you need to upgrade your Baby Bot. You cannot upgrade it past this point – it must be evolved before you can upgrade further.