Staking Event

G-Bots Staking event, March 17th, one month, 1,000,000 GMEE

NOTE: This page contains outdated information on a previous staking event. It will be updated when a new staking event is coming.

Starting March 17th at 1 pm UTC, with a duration of 1 month, send your G-Bot on a mission and get a loot of GMEEs! There's a total 1,000,000 GMEE tokens to be distributed among all G-Bots participating in the event.
Let's head onto the FAQs:
  • What's the duration of the staking event?
    • One month, starting March 17th at 1 pm UTC.
  • Can I stake more than one G-Bot?
    • Absolutely! Stake as many as you want.
  • Can I claim my tokens at any time?
    • Yes, that’s right! You don’t need to unstake your G-Bot in order to claim your tokens
  • Can I unstake my G-Bot at any time?
    • Yes, that’s also right. You can even “exit” the event. Doing so, will unstake all your G-Bots and claim all your tokens at once.
  • Can I still play Sky Lords tournaments if my G-Bot is staked?
    • No, that is not possible. Your G-Bot is sent on a mission, and cannot be in two places at a time!
  • What's the rarity multiplier?
    • Each rarity has a different earning capacity. The higher the rarity of your G-Bot, the more tokens it will gather. This ranges from 1x as the base for a common, all the way to 100x for a Mythical
  • Can I stake from my Arc8 wallet?
If you want to know how to stake your G-Bots, here's a quick guide for you: