Arc8 Creator Alliance

Questions about the Arc8 Creator Alliance Application

I made a video in a previous round but wasn’t invited into the Arc8 Creator Alliance. Can I make another one?

Yes. You can reapply with a new video and we’ll reconsider your application, and will still pay you based on views if you get over 1000 views.

Do I have to make a YouTube video? Can I make it for Instagram, Facebook, etc.?

For this round, we are only accepting YouTube videos. However, if you are invited to be a member of the Arc8 Creator Alliance, you can upload your videos (or your unique referral link) anywhere you want.

How and when will I get paid?

You will get paid within two weeks of the round ending. For the current round (Round 2), the end date is August 20th, 2022.
You have three options to get paid and can choose the one you prefer in the application form:
- PayPal (US dollars)
- Metamask (Tether)
- Tron (TRC20) (Tether)*
*To find your Tron wallet address, go to your Exchange, go to your ‘Wallet’ and select ‘deposit’. Then choose ‘USDT/Tether’.

How can I trust that you will pay me?

Ask other creators you know who have made videos about Arc8, or take a look at our website, Wiki, Discord, or Twitter – you will see that GAMEE is a reputable and professional gaming studio, and that we genuinely value our community. Plus, we are partnered with amazing brands like Atari and NASA, as well as English Premier League champions Manchester City – this is no small basement operation! It’s definitely not in our interest to get a reputation for dishonesty among the online gaming community or content creators. We very much appreciate the effort that content creators put into spreading the word about our amazing app, and these are partnerships we want to maintain and foster for a long time to come. If your video meets all the criteria (listed below), we will be very happy to pay you what you have earned!

What are the criteria for my first video?

To get paid for your video, it must meet all of these requirements:
  • Show some gameplay and showcase the game you think is the coolest one in the app. There are ten to choose from, so it might be hard to pick!
  • Talk about the Arc8 Creator Alliance. Invite people watching the video to take part in the trial round and apply to become a member.
  • Tell viewers that the links are in the description. Copy and paste this into the video description: Download Arc8: Earn $5000+ AND a monthly paid partnership with Arc8 #Arc8 #Arc8CreatorAlliance

What language does my video have to be in?

Your video can be in any language – use the one that your audience expects it to be in. If you don’t yet have any other videos, then use whichever language you want your channel to be in as you begin your career as a content creator!

Does my video have to be completely about Arc8?

It’s up to you. You can make a dedicated video (completely about Arc8) or an integrated video (talks about Arc8 for a short time but is about another topic). Note that the payments are higher for dedicated videos.

How long should my video be?

  • If your video is dedicated, it must be at least 2 minutes long.
  • If you make an integrated video, Arc8 must feature for at least 40 seconds.

Can I make more than one video?

Yes and no. You can of course make as many videos as you want, but you can only submit one for consideration – each round of the Arc8 Creator Alliance program allows for only one video per applicant. However, if you are accepted into the Arc8 Creator Alliance, then you will be able to make as many videos as you wish.

Can I get paid based on app downloads instead of views for my application video?

If you have an average of over 10,000 views per video, then we will consider this request. Click here for the application form for content creators who average over 10k views per video, where you can share with us your channel(s) and information about what kind of videos you are interested in making.

Questions about your Arc8 Creator Alliance Membership

What is the Arc8 Creator Alliance? What are the benefits of being a member?

The Arc8 Creator Alliance is the official influencer agency of Arc8, a gaming app created by the GAMEE studio. The aim of the Alliance is to create valuable and mutually beneficial partnerships between Arc8 and great video content creators.
As a member, you will be paid every month. We make offers on a case-by-case basis, but usually, payment is based on the number of app downloads achieved via your unique referral link. You will also receive early access to games and features that you can share in videos, as well as task briefs, which are entirely optional but may help you to create new, original content.

What are the requirements to be invited into the Arc8 Creator Alliance?

We don’t have any strict requirements – we judge each application on an individual basis. Ultimately, what we are looking for is creativity, passion, and potential. You don’t necessarily have to have the most views, but if we love what you do as a creator and think we could work together in partnership, then we will gladly invite you to be an ambassador for Arc8.

How will I know if I have been selected to join the Arc8 Creator Alliance?

We will send you an email using the email address you provided in your application form. You will get this within 2 weeks of the application round ending.

Do I have to make YouTube videos? Can I make videos for Instagram, Facebook, etc?

As a member of the Arc8 Creator Alliance, you can make videos anywhere you like, or share your referral code in Tweets, Facebook posts, Discord messages etc. We only require videos to be on YouTube for the application round.

Will I still be paid for views as well as app downloads?

In most cases, you will only get paid for app downloads from your special referral link. However, you can post this link anywhere – on other videos, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord etc. If we have chosen you to be a member, it’s because we believe in you as a content creator and so we leave it up to you how and where you want to share your link.

How many videos should I make as a member of the Arc8 Creator Alliance?

It’s entirely up to you. We will send you a new brief every two weeks, which will help you boost installs – but it’s up to you whether you choose to follow them. You can share your unique referral link anywhere (and as often as) you want, whether that be YouTube, Twitter, Discord or any other communities you are a part of.
As a member of the Arc8 Creator Alliance, you get your own personalized download link. Subscribers and followers click on this link and then download Arc8. You can share it anywhere you want, as often as you want.
Here are some ideas that can help. Note that these are not rules or requirements, just recommended ways to really boost the number of downloads you get.
  • Add it to the description box of your other videos. You can use this text, if you want: Download Arc8: [Your referral link here!] Earn $5000+ AND a monthly paid partnership - Become an Arc8 Ambassador #Arc8 #Arc8CreatorAlliance
  • Share it on other platforms or in communities that you are a member of.
  • Share it in the description of past and future videos.
  • Mention Arc8 even in videos that are about other topics.
  • Make more videos about Arc8 – use the briefs you get every two weeks to come up with original content.
  • Stress to viewers and followers that they should download the app through your link as it helps support you and costs them nothing.

I am a member of the Arc8 Creator Alliance and I have a problem/question. Who should I contact?

Please check the rest of this FAQ first in case the solution to your issue is already answered here. If it isn't, then you can contact us at [email protected] – please write ‘Arc8 Creator Alliance support’ as the subject of your email.