What are Seasons?

Arc8, as a competitive platform, uses seasons. The best players compete for big reward pools, sponsored by several partners.
During these seasons, players compete in matches and tournaments, and get ranked by their skill level in each of the games. With this, players are matched against other players of similar abilities. We believe not all skills are the same, and that's why we differentiate the leaderboards and ranks by individual games.
New games, partners and updates come to Arc8 each season to keep the content fresh, and the competition fierce. The current season is Season 8, running from April 4th, with a to-be-confirmed finish date, due to significant updates that are coming to Arc8.

When does the new season begin and end?

Season 8 runs from April 4th, with a to-be-confirmed end date due to the significant upgrades coming soon. There is no pre-season in Season 8 – find out more in this article.
Last modified 1mo ago