December 16th - January 31st
The first pre-season of Arc8 is now live, and it will last until January 31st. This is the official introduction to the play-to-earn on Arc8 with the GMEE Token, and here are the main characteristics:

Credits reset

The credit balance of all users in Arc8 has been reset to 100 credits. This way, all users have the same starting point, and can compete under fair conditions.

Credit Leaderboard

The leaderboard will rank the users by their credits earned and will reward the top players at the end of the season. There's a total of 400,000 given away during this pre-season!

What credits are registered in this leaderboard?

Only credits earned in practice matches.
This does not include:
  • Level Up credit rewards
  • Daily Session credit rewards
For this reason, the credits in the leaderboard will be different than users’ credit balance. This way, we only focus on the competitive skill of our players.

No token matches and tournaments

Token matches are discontinued for the pre-season period, and the focus will be on the practice matches.
In order to keep the daily earning of tokens available as well, we have kept the sponsored tournaments — the ones with $GMEE in the prize pool, and credits for the entry fee.

GMEE rewarded daily tasks

Daily tasks are rewarded by GMEE tokens instead of credits, for the daily earnings of our players who come every day to compete.

World section activity tab discontinued

The activity section will no longer contain the world section with top earners and recent activity. Instead, the pre-season tab is added to the activity section showing the credit leaderboard of the pre-season with the prize pool.

New game

Sky Lords G-Bot minigame arrive together with the unpacking of the G-Bots on January 6th, with exclusive tournaments for G-Bot owners and a total prize pool of 350,000 $GMEE for the remainder of the pre-season.