Season 2

The Structure of Season 2:

Season 2 started with 10 days of pre-season during which we tested new changes in the platform in order to launch the Main Season period with a smooth and polished experience.

Season-wide Changes:

These were some changes we introduced for the entire duration of Season 2:
  • Selection of Games: After a hectic season 1, we evaluated the games our players love the most, and we selected the top games + the addition of a new surprise game. The list of games for Season 2 was: Pirate Solitaire, Asteroids!, Hexonix, Blocks 99, Pixel Dungeon, Solitaire Star, Wizard’s 21, Globo Run, Samurai Hold’Em, and Man City Striker. Tube Runner and Marble Dash are back in the workshop for a review and might come back later this year.
  • Dark Lords Tournaments: The exclusive G-Bots game tournaments remained available throughout the entire season for our G-Bot holders, but with a new look! A darker theme and new enemies were introduced for your G-Bot to battle on your way to victory. With an increased prize pool of 600,000 GMEE, we included an entry fee of 1 GMEE per attempt.


From April 1st till April 11th, Season 2 Pre-Season took place, where we included the following changes:
  • Credits reset: all players, old & new, got their balance reset to 250 credits to be able to practice during the whole season.
  • Upgraded Matchmaking System: we improved matchmaking so it's even faster.
  • GMEE Daily Tasks: earn GMEE with practice matches to get ready for the real competition.
  • Sponsored Tournaments: use your credits to compete for GMEE in daily tournaments.

Main Season:

The juicy part! April 11th, at 1 pm UTC, Season 2 kicked off, and here are the important changes that were introduced:
  • Improved Matchmaking System: now matchmaking is more flexible to find opponents, and the rank differences are smaller.
  • Referral system: bring a friend, you’ll both earn together while having fun!
  • Season Leaderboard: top 500 players on the leaderboard of each game will have access to huge $GMEE rewards at the end of the season.
  • 10 games: rank in each of the leaderboards and qualify for amazing rewards!

The Good Stuff: REWARDS

The favorite part of our community: token rewards! Here are the prize pools we had in Season 2:
  • Token Tournaments: 150,000 GMEE
  • G-Bots Dark Lords Tournaments: 600,000 GMEE
  • Season Token Leaderboard Rewards: 750,000 GMEE for the top 5,000 players (top 500 in each game)
  • Total: 1,500,000 GMEE
How do I earn GMEE tokens?
You can earn GMEE tokens by completing “Daily Tasks” during the Pre-Season or completing “Qualifications”, during the whole Season, for each of the games on Arc8 app.
Do I get GMEE tokens when logging on Arc8?
Yes, but nothing comes without some effort! Our new system of rewarding tokens according to users' daily activity and qualifying in ranks. The more you play, the more you’ll earn!
What are “Daily Tasks”?
Daily tasks are a set of actions to complete on a daily basis to earn a reward. Check-in on Arc8 app to see what’s in for your next reward.
What are “Qualifications”?
Here’s the bargain, we test your skills first, then you get GMEE rewards. With “Qualifications” you get to play each of Arc8 games to qualify for a rank. That’s how we will match you against opponents with similar skills!
What is “Matchmaking”?
"Matchmaking” is a process that allows Arc8 to pair your game with another player with the same skill level. This means equal chances to win - fair play, isn’t it?
What is a G-Bot Tournament?
That’s the place where you want to be: a special tournament with special rewards. How to take part in it? Easy - buy one of our G-Bots from Opensea and join your first G-Bot tournament!
What is a G-Bot?
A G-Bot is an NFT, a unique asset created to be woven in the arcade world of Arc8. Owning a G-Bot gives access to higher tournament rewards, staking events and much more to come!
How do I buy GMEE token and top-up my wallet?
Did you run out of tokens? Fear not! We have the solution. Simply buy the GMEE from one of the exchanges that list GMEE and add them to your Metamask. You’ll just need to connect your Metamask wallet to the Arc8 app and, voilà, you are ready to play! Here's a guide:
When is the season going to end?
Welcome to Season 2! The season will run from the 1st of April to the 1st of June. Plenty of time to earn your rewards. Have a good game!
Are cheaters being banned?
Absolutely yes! indeed. We continuously monitor our servers, run periodical checks, and issue bans when we spot unfair gamers. There’s no land for cheaters on our app, only pure skills.
What is the “End Season Prize Pool"?
You can say we like to spoil our gamers. That’s, actually, a fact. Each season we have a prize pool that is going to be distributed across the top players on the leaderboard. Season 2 Leaderboard prize pool is 750,000 GMEE!
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